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And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13


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My grandmas dog killed my favorite chicken on my birthday so after school my mom and my sister took me to the puppy store. I found the cutest little border collie who would just lay down while you rubbed his tummy! We called my dad to make sure it was okay but he said no border collies because he didn't liked the way they looked at people (which I don't understand). My mom showed me this other dog who so fluffy and cute but when we took him out he became a little devil! He peed on the floor twice, attacked our shoes and almost pulled down my skirt! And that's how I got this little devil! On the way home we were trying to name him. He was going to be named Sammy but then we decided we'd try to make my dad think we got him a dog he could take hunting, hence the name Hunter!♥Hunter is part yellow lab and part white standard poodle.♥He was adopted April first 2008♥ When we got him he weighed 14.21 lbs. ♥. He weighs 72lbs.♥He's 24 inches tall at the withers♥ ♥Here's a link to all our videos:♥We have family on the other channelsbut we do not check them very often.♥ Quiz rank: 15

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THANKYOU!!!!! You can copy the info off of The page to set it up!!! Moose

Come visit me, ♦♥Moose♥♦

5/17/2012 12:14:34 PM

Hi! Hunter

Hi my special friend, thanks for stopping by. Heres a quick vote, thanks again for your friendship. Mom is short on time today. She thought she would have time to reply to blogs today, but I guess not. She is going to a youth group event in 30 minutes. We still read your messages, and are thankful and pleased for your wonderful words, and hope to reply to them soon. I am thinking of you always, until we meet again♥ "Dreams are wishes your heart makes." Have a nice day :) SB

Come visit me, SashaBelle

5/16/2012 4:31:32 PM

Hi! Hunter

Hi! Here is a vote for my special friend. How have you been? How has your weather been? Hope well. All is well over here in OR. It has been, over the past few weeks, in the upper 70s and sunny. Mom has been really busy lately, and hasn't gotten to take pictures in a while. Since April 29th...ya. We posted those photos up just for you to see, and if you are wondering, I am watching a soccer game with mom and auntie :) "A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart." Wishing you the happy days this week, see you tomorrow!! SB ♥ PS) Mom wanted to ask me to ask you to say some prayers for mom's Gma & Gpa. They are really stressed out due to some seen health problems with mom's grandmother. She went into surgery this morning and had a nice recovery. Please pray that they will not be stressed out and that God will show them comfort. We appreciate you and your prayers so much.

Come visit me, SashaBelle

5/15/2012 7:32:04 PM

Would you like to run the club?? I can't seem to find anyone who will.... Moose

Come visit me, ♦♥Moose♥♦

5/15/2012 5:29:03 PM

Hey Hunter

How have ya been? Did you have a good momma's day? I had a nice momma's day. I hope all is well with you. Left a vote. Cockapoo Kisses, Luly

Come visit me, Toby º Maya's My Girl

5/14/2012 12:07:32 PM

Good Night!

We want to thank everyone for their prayers. Lady is not in any pain and Mommy & Daddy got her to eat some steak this morning & 3 chicken fingers tonight. Her breathing is still very bad and she's weak. But Mommy and Daddy are giving her medicine and there are alot of prayers being said for her.Thank you DC! We love you! Thursday Daddy and his brother went to the cemetery to put flowers on their Mommy's grave and found 2 puppies that had been abandoned. A dog and a girl they look like pit-bulls. Their so cute and sweet! May a wonderful night! Love ya!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Little Buddy!

5/12/2012 7:57:12 PM

Hey Hunter!

Oh my! I was really not expecting to win DOTD. It was such a surprise! Though I did wonder why everyone was voting for me the day before. Momma was so proud and surprised to, she said I looked super cute in the DOTD window. She was glad she had taken my new picture, I got extra hugs and treats today. It was also pretty nice again today, so momma took some more pics of me and will be posting them soon. I want to thank you all for voting for me, it was a amazing surprise. Your all such great doggies! I hope you are all having a good week, Cockapoo Kisses, thank you again! Little Luly Belle p.s. Its fine, momma and I thought we had taken that off my profile as we don't really do it anymore but I think we forgot:P. Anyway momma's other dogs she had one here, Otis (Now Angel Otis), Angel Dotty, & Molly. They all used to have DC sweet hearts becasue momma and them thought it was fun and sweet. Of corse there was some drama and once Otis died suddenly momma took all the doggies off. When she put Toby on she had him single and me single but soon decided to change it. We still think its nice but momma keeps remebering some of the drama with the other doggies who had DC sweet hearts. However momma always forgot to do it untill you reminded us. So thank you.

Come visit me, Toby º Maya's My Girl

5/9/2012 8:16:21 PM

Hunter and friends, Thank you for joining Lovin' Pups. You see, when you join, you get a free Lovin' Pups club picture, notifications of contests and much more! -Lovin' Pups

Come visit me, Angel Chloe McWagger, Cassi Mae

5/9/2012 12:46:27 PM

Hey Hunter

How are you? Have you seen my new picture? Mom wanted to get some nice pictures of me outside yesterday, but Toby was hogging the camera. She was only able to get one good one. Toby is always hogging the camera. Sadly the sunshine went away today, mom says she is still going to get some cute pictures of me, even if it is inside and not out. We hope that your chicken friend comes back. Cockapoo Kisses, Luly

Come visit me, Toby º Maya's My Girl

5/8/2012 9:42:18 AM

Thank You Hunter!!

Thank you for coming by to congratulate me on my 3rd anniversary on DC! I love it here! I’ve met some awesome friends, and it made my day today that you came by to congratulate me! Tell Ruby I left her a vote too!!!! Biggie Smalls ♥

Come visit me, :) BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FILES :), Biggie Smalls loves Sally

5/6/2012 8:35:20 PM

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