Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

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I just wanted you to know that the same miserable person who is targeting Bella now targeting me and stealing my pics. Please report this if you get any comments or if you see my pic or Bella's on anybody else's page...I haven't given permission for anybody else to use it. So glad to be back....Luv ya all, Sam ;)'


Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

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How We Met?

I went to my Vet to pick up meds for my other pup, and she told me that they had an abused dog that needed a home.Well Sam had been shot in the face, and was in bad shape.I knew I had to help her.She came home with me a few days later, and now is a permanent member of our family..And we couldn't imagine our lives without her!

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Hi Tater

You know me, my booty's always shakin..hehe! Even shakes when I'm sleepin' sometimes! Loveeeeeeeee you, Dibblie Doo

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/11/2012 11:48:10 PM

Pea Pod...

Zoooooommming by to oxoxoxox you :-) Love you and your Mama too! (heehee, I got mud on my muzzle kissing you, hehe) ♥ Your Smoochy Pea ;-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/11/2012 9:42:46 PM

Vote 2,900!!!!

Hi Sam, So happy to be able to paw you a milestone vote!!!!! Lots of rain here in NJ!! Our lawn is looking very green but we are kind of getting annoyed with the rain at this point! Sharing a piece of ice cream cake with you! Our human sibling Alex is FIVE today!! We are having a LEGO party for him. He loves legos!! Here is our vote for you. Have a great day! Love, Snickers and Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/11/2012 6:52:08 AM

Sweet Pea Pod Sam :-)

Nope, it's not a complete e-mail without a pic of you :-) Have I told you lately how glad I am that we are peas? Very very glad! (I'm also glad that our Mom's spend their money on toys for us instead of cans and cans and cans of hairspray, Bol!) Smooches and hugs and bunches of love! (Also, you are IT!) oxoxoxoxoxox ♥ Pea Pod Boo :-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/10/2012 10:08:30 PM

Friday •° Surprise DoTd Nomination •° 5/11

• Vote Wrinkles 230800 •° Surprise DoTd Nomination •° Friday, 5/11/12 ``Hang around in the shade!`` Wrinkles is too Cute!! He's Pug from Everett, PA. Also, he's less than a year old and chases his sibling Freckles. His hobby is barking and loves his forever family they give him treaties!! Come on over and meet the rest of Wrinkles, siblings and let's surprise him with DOTD Votes on Friday !! Help Wrinkles win his 1st dotd badge ~~ Let the Voting Begin ~~ TeamDotd . •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° ~:•:~ Happy Birthday ~:•:~ . Angel Ginger 4321 Buddy 31579 Tyler 64321 Snickers & Max 178461, Skin Sibling Alex . ~:•:~ Happy Anniversary ~:•:~ Angel 79728 4yr Anniv on DC •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° •° . ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ MONTH OF MAY ~:•:~ APPRECIATE VOTES DAILY ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ ~:•:~ . DOTM: Donna's Dawgs 159929 BOTM: Trillian 186056 COTM: Mike 161232 HOTM: Shadowfax 49806 and Texas 209066 . TEAM DOTD NEWS °• FriDAY °• MAY 11, 2012

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~, Misha ~Little Bear~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit

5/10/2012 9:41:26 PM

.*. Tater Tot .*.

Last week it was so WINDY our whole family stayed indoors, allegeries were affecting nonnie and momma. We did stay the weekend with Mom and my sister. But we did go to the doggy park. Misha was scared a dog was on the chase and making a high pitch bark as she ran to nonnie, nonnie swooped Misha into her arms. The dog was nipping at her and pulling out her HAIR !! The owner said his dog was 2 years old / Momma said to the owner Misha a Puppy 8 months !! Any way, Nonnie said no more dog park for Misha until she get's older. Tater ToT my best digging is on my side. Only way Nonnie knows I'm digging my face and mouth are full of dusty dirt (awwwwww) let's dig to China. Hugs* Tiffany

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~, Misha ~Little Bear~, Tiffany ♥ Bandit

5/10/2012 9:40:45 PM

Hi Tater Tot

You have the prettiest voice, thank you for singing to me! Are you one, are you two...forty three...hehehehe! Was that mud splat meant for my face? Good...mud does wonders! Thank you! Belly rubs and kisses on your smooshy, lots of love, Auntie Trace Arrrrooooooooo!!! Ohhhh...nooooo! Baths! Just that word makes me shudder! You do smell very flowery...let's go do something about that. Ready...roll! Roll again...Better! Now we both smell really good! Wiggles and giggles, Love Dibbles

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

5/10/2012 5:11:55 PM

2892 Hi Sam

I'm glad your mommy got to talk to Auntie Trace. Mommy loves you all. I'm glad you didn't smell like Daisy. hehe. We'll see you Sat. Hope for the best tomorrow. Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/10/2012 12:19:02 PM

I just LOVE your smile! you have a huge tongue!!! BOL! BOL! thats a great main pic...have fun and gget dirty doing it! hehehehe! we are getting some I WILL!!!! later RED

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

5/9/2012 9:50:17 PM


Hi Tater tot, I am so happy! Instead of too many bills in the box, I got your card! What an uplifting thing, and I love being friends with you, Zeus and Xena too. Here's vote 2,887. Giant Sheltie hugs, Henry

Come visit me, Henry McWagger (Wags)~GO SEAHAWKS!

5/9/2012 9:00:34 PM

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