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I got Honey from a breeder down the road called huntington kennels. She is the best dog ever!

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Glad you guys are back, missed you, your right, it is a resuce mission, here is our advise, DO IT, grab that precious little thing and get her to the clinic, we are all there with you, try and stop us.... Love Zack and Donna Lee

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5/7/2012 4:19:19 PM

Hi Honey Bunny! :)

Hi Honey! So great to hear from you again! I think rescuing the chi from the awful owner is the best thing possible for the dog! I also think that fixing her up before she has puppies is the best thing to do as well. If the poor chi had dehydration, it's a safe bet to guess that the owner hasn't taken her to the vet and could be ill--which we be awful for the chi, the puppies, and the chi breed. It's so wonderful that you want to help the chi's life! Please keep me posted on what happens! Pawed you and Lola votes! :) ~Jazzy ♥

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5/7/2012 4:04:57 PM

(FRom BDC) Sure you can! Sorry we didn't get the message out to all our members, we tried to get it out to all the most active ones first but we ran out of time! (We can mainly only come on in the mornings before school now) So yes we'd love to have you enter! Which picture would you like to have entered and would you rather drop it off on the page or have me pick it up? If you want me to pick it up I'll save it to my picture as soon as you have it but it won't be up till atleast the nineth.

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5/7/2012 3:46:26 PM

Hi Honey Dew

Glad you are back. I missed you! So I survived the weekend supervising those 4 pups! I never dreamed it would be so exhausting trying to give them the finer points of showing and the expert advise that I have! I am plum tuckered out! Let's see, we got to Bucyrus friday late afternoon, we were there about 20 minutes and the skies opened up and it rained and rained and tried to flood us all out. Of course it has rained like that at this dog show every year that we have gone, so why does mom go back? That's exactly what I wanted to know. And the answer, it's the very first dog show she ever showed at so she has to show at it every year! Aye ya ya! We all got a good night sleep, except that we all found out AJ dreams loudly! Yeppers the little fellow must chase all kinds of bunnies in his sleep cause he was wimpering and whining and kicking his paws all night long. Now mom got smart and only entered two of the pups on Sat. and the other two on Sunday, Blade showed both days though and he did pretty well, he took first place in his class both days but was beat by a Professional Handler both days. Lance showed really well Sat. he took second in his class. then Pixie showed, well let's say she tried her best, well not really her best, what happened was she went into the ring, sniffed the other girl goes in her class, wagged her tail and refused to walk any further! She put on her little brakes so fast I heard her paws squeal! Dad was showing her so he had to carry her around the ring! It was kind of funny but sad at the same time. Mom said she expected Pixie to do that cause she seemed a little scared. Of course since Dad didn't practice with Pixie at all it's not surprising! I know she'll do better at the next show. On Sunday Nim and AJ showed, they both took second in their classes which mom was really happy with since it was the first time they'd ever been in the show ring. Of course she thought they should have won best of breed and then gone on to win best in show, but when doesn't she think one of her dogs should do that? BOL All in all it was a fun weekend and a really good first show of the new season. We don't go out again until June so we have lots of time to practice with these pups and show them how it's supposed to be done, maybe I can con Blade into helping he show these little fellows the ropes. That's an idea and I wouldn't have to work so hard then! Holy Cow I almost forgot, on Saturday mom took me, JB and Lady out for some ice cream! It was magnificent! All the little kids at the ice cream stand played with us and then we went into our travel crates in the van and ate our very own "pup cups" of vanilla ice cream. Mom can take us out for ice cream anytime she wants! Well I hope you and your pack had a great weekend and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead! Voted! Your Little Buddy Merlin

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5/7/2012 1:36:30 PM

★ Honey ★

"I'm so glad your back to blogging. Everyone has missed you so much :) Glad your back! What have you been up to pretty girl?" Today's Blog: Today is a bright and sunny day in Florida ☀ . Mom and I are happy, because we had a storm ☁ yesterday evening and I couldn't go for a walk. Mom is thinking of subscribing to Dog Channel's "Dog Fancy" soon. I hope we do subscribe to it :) I always love learning about our doggy selfs. You can ask mom :) When I'm not blogging or chasing squirrels, I'm digging up doggy facts. Hehe. What do you like doing? I hope you like my new profile picture. Have a Great Monday! ⚘ Bobo ⚘

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5/7/2012 12:16:41 PM

Hi Honey Dew...

Love your Easter pics!! You make a great Easter Bunny!! Hope you had a great weekend with great weather. Ours was nice in the 60's, and Mom and I had lots of outside time. Today we are getting some rain...Have a great night and left a vote...Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda

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5/7/2012 12:13:23 PM

Hi Honey!

No news from Tuck or Big Boy! Tuck has been gone 3 months today. We miss them both. Still hoping they'll come home! Love ya leaving Lola & you both votes! Big Boy & the whole Gang & Mommy Becky love you both! Glad your back!

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5/7/2012 10:30:21 AM

Hi Honey

We actually wore out Mom and Dad! They both had to take little naps in the Living Room this afternoon. Daddy planted some stuff in the garden and ran over to check out a yard sale close by this morning.I sure don't understand why ANYBODYwould want to sell their yard.I guess they just sell little pieces of it with all the people that go to those things, which raises and even more perplexing question....why would anybody want to BUY a little piece of somebody elses yard? Yesterday I heard Mommy say they went to some yard sales and GARAGE sales...now how do you sell all those people your garage? Tomorrow morning they are going to a Rummage Sale. What the heck is a RUMMAGE? If anybody knows what it is please let me know. I sure hope you don't have to feed it and if you do that it doesn't eat a lot! What is really strange about these things is, yesterday, Mommy and Daddy went to Garage and Yard Sales, and to a re-sale shop. They came home with a few things for the house and a game for the youngest niece and her half brother. How did they get those things instead of yards, garages and re-sales? If you go to a gift shop, you buy gifts, a flower shop you buy flowers, at a grocery store, you buy groceries.....I am soooo confused! Maya is sooooooo confused. Even our cousin Dexter who is MUCH older than us can't explain it. I think yard and garage sales and re-sale shops aren't the only places they went, myself. Maya and I are BOTH a little suspicious! It's another hot day here! That's why Daddy quit working outside at lunchtime.He said it is a scorcher out there! No wonder that little bluebird is STILL trying to come in the house. It looks like he might be a little sunburned cause his front is a little bit red! I better go check on Daddy cause he hasn't moved on the couch for a while. I'm gonna borrow Mommy's hand mirror and go hold it under his nose and see if he steams it up. Cross your paws he does! Bark at ya later! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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5/5/2012 7:05:23 PM


They are super cute, and with that first picture, completley natural. We put them in their pin and they played for about 15min. and then they both walked over to the bed and went to sleep while the humans were watching t.v. and when they looked over they were sleeping like that. So cute. Mom wanted to open the cage door and take a pic but didnt want to disturb them so she tried to take it through the top of the cage. Well look at that! I am a DC cover dog again today. Hehe. Mom says not to let the fame go to my head. Psh, whatever are you talking about? I expect a full treat and attention session. With no cats! Stat! Bol. Nah, I am just kidding. Or am I? :) Hehe. Have a nice afternoon! Licks, Love, & Prayers ♥ Zoey

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4/24/2012 3:46:50 PM

Hello Honey Bunny, nice to hear your bark again!

Things have been really buzzing around here today. No, I don't mean we've been busy, I mean BUZZING literally! My skin-cousin Ruth Called Daddy this morning and said the post office called her at 5am and told her their bees were there. I didn't know they called people that early. They must have wanted those bees out of there! BOL! Daddy drove into town and brought the bees back here. They were in the garage all day. the wild bees kept coming to visit the ones in the boxes with the screens! There was LOTS of bees. Daddy said there was a Queen in each box. I looked but I never saw any bees wearing a crown or even waving like the one in England always does! He also said there were worker bees in there. If you ask me, I think Daddy and Ruth got had. I don't think there were any Queens and I think they were ALL WORKER BEES...working to get out of those boxes anyway! BOL! Seriously, I think there may have been some Killer Bees in those boxes because there was a bunch of dead bees in the bottom of the boxes. They were murdering their own and had nowhere to hide the bodies! Daddy got all his beekeeping stuff and went to Ruth's so they could put them in the hives Daddy made out of wood in his workshop. When daddy puts that beekeeping gear on, he looks like he is either a HazMat crew member or an astronaut or an alien from another planet. Sheesh, no wonder the bees don't sting ya when you wear that stuff! At least we don't have to worry about being shot with a high powered cork if we go downstairs anymore! Daddy took the last of the shooting/exploding wine bottles outside and cleaned up the mess. Apparently, the stabilizer was old enough it didn't work right or something, and the wine started fermenting again and built up pressure in the bottle. It had to get out somehow so the corks blew out and with the wine bottles on their sides, it sprayed out with a pretty strong force. As hard as the corks hit the door and as far as the wine sprayed I would sure hate to be standing there when it blew up! The basement looked like a christened ship! Oh well, it is the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic, maybe Daddy just has a funny way of celebrating it! BOL! BBS my friend! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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4/23/2012 7:04:02 PM

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