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Mom got me from a wonderful breeder in Maryland (her dogs are her kids!) It was love at first site!

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Hi Guys

We sure have been missing yall! Good to see ya back on. Hope Mom is doing better! Still in our prayers. Wishing yall a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! HUGS♥

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12/13/2011 1:07:21 PM

11/13/2011 1:37:07 AM

Praying for your sweet Mommy

. Getting Excited in Texas . Thanksgiving is our Mom's favorite holiday, so it's ours too .. Dad actually bought a new oven for the kitchen so his pies will all bake pretty this year .. bol! Every Thanksgiving morning our pawrents get up early and leave the house for awhile, then when they come back they have the whole family with them and we celebrate a Birthday! (They go to IHOP for Breakfast with their whole family, Grandkids come in P.J.'s .. new ones yearly that Mom buys them. They apparently have a very good time, but for some REASON they won't take us too~booo! How ya'll doing ?? Thanks for all your love and care when we lost our baby girl CS .. we miss her so much. We adore Bella and now share everything we got with her and sleep with her/beside her, etc.. she had big girl surgery Tues, and today she feels a little better and played with us a little, she's also now eating again. Whewwwwee .. Life is always good! Hugs, TxFurKids

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11/3/2011 12:12:13 PM


It is good to hear from you, but we are so sorry your Mom is still having so many problems and is in so much pain. We hope she can heal and feel well again without having to have more surgery. She is in our prayers. We would love to have some of your snow. We still have roses, bougainvillea, and hibiscus in bloom. We are so tired of the heat and would settle for some cool since the chances of us getting snow are slim and none. Take care. Don't worry about blogging, just take care of your Mom and stop by whenever you can to let us know how she is doing. Have a great afternoon and we will talk to you later. Love, Abby, Tess, and Beau

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10/30/2011 10:57:45 AM

Good morning Max, Buster and Cody!

It's so nice to hear from you!! I'm so sorry your mom is still in so much pain. Tell her that's ok that she can't write, tell her to take it easy on her shoulder. We will still be here when she gets all better! That surgery she had sounds so painful! Please give her a hug, say it's from Biggie and me and tell her we will be praying for her to get all better! XOXOXO Prayers,KANE

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

10/30/2011 5:57:57 AM

DOTD 10/30 •° Anakin 8077 •° SUNDAY

. Why be good? When being bad is so much more fun? I joined the Indy Boxer Clan, my name is Anakin, from Indianapolis, IN. Dad was looking for a companion, and saw an add. 1st moment ``dad met me,`` I was honery & chewed on him all way home !! I'm running for my 2nd Dotd Badge ~Sunday~ October 30th ``come over to my yard survey my kingdom,`` remember to leave your dotd vote & watch dad play wrestle with me !!! Arrroouu, Anakin 8077 . <> No BiRtHdAy'S Noted <> . <> VoTe DaiLy <> DOTM: Riley&Chipper 39863, Mookey Girl 162309 HOTM: HiTech 40041 BOTH: ZAK 150100 COTM: LOLA 131462 . TEAM DOTD NEWS <> SUNDAY <> 10/30\11

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10/29/2011 10:42:48 PM

Hi Max and Buster!

I hope your mom is okay!!! It's "sleeting" here. We were supposed to go to Six Flags today, (amusement park) but since the weather is so bad, our plans got cancelled. We made a ham dinner and went out to the movies. We saw Paranormal Activity 3. It was okay, but I liked the 2nd one the best. The first was kinda boring. This one nothing scary really happened. I jumped a few times though. Is Sterling, VA close to Fort Valley? I am asking because next weekend we are supposed to go horseback riding through the mountains at a place called Fort Valley Ranch.How is the weather supposed to be next weekend? It better be good! Lol. Well, hopefully I will talk to you guys tomorrow!!! Love, Gunner, Honey, and Angel Buddy †

Come visit me, ♥ Gunner, Honey, and Angel Buddy ♥

10/29/2011 8:47:25 PM

happy halloween

boy your mom has sure had a tough time. we will be praying she doesnt need any more surgery. let us know if we can do anything to help. we will be here whenever you are able to get on here. until then we are sending tons of prayers. we see a lot of our friends are getting snow and we have snow envy. it is just cold here. and we cant wait to go to the hut. dropping off some more extra cheesy quisadillas and chicken jerky too. wishing you a wonderful night and a fabulous tomorrow too. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


10/29/2011 6:52:05 PM

Hi Max

That's okay. Just take good care of your Mom and make sure she gets well real soon. We will be here when she is better, Sorry to hear you are getting snow. It is chilly here today, No snow in the forecast yet. Keeping our paws crossed on that one. We had enough moisture this spring and then nothing at all for a month. Left you a vote. Give your mom a hug from us.

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10/29/2011 3:44:01 PM

Pawing a vote for you, Max & Buster, and prayers for mom.

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6/26/2011 5:10:10 PM

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