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Aug.12th my sweet baby boy went over the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are broken. He was the first of the group to join DC over 8 years ago. We will miss you so much my little man.


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Ozzy was my 50th birthday present. I found him at a breeder outside of Medford Oregon. I already had two females and wanted a male. He was so cute and tiny I fell in Love at first sight. We took him home and he became very sick from leaving his mother. I took him back to the breeder and picked him up 10 days later. He was fine to go with us then. He's been my baby boy ever since.

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Hi Ozzy

Love our pic your mom made of us! Spanky got mom up so he could go outside and so we got on the laptop. Raining out right now and supposed to rain all day...yuk. Haven't been doing much, just the usual but we did go to a cookout the other night. Sasha was real scared but I loved seeing know me. Not looking forward to my combing today....I think it is going to be torture. Mom went to Bingo tonight with her friend Sue so we stayed outside with dad while he worked around. It won't be long and we will be packing up to go back to Virginia. Mom must have been getting one of her hot flashes when we got up to take Spank out cause she turned the air conditioner on and then the furnace turned on...thats crazy. I guess all we can do today is hang out in the house and maybe take a nap...boring. Well I guess we are going back to bed is 5:30 in the morning, mom has nutty hours. Bark at ya later my sweetie....yorkie kisses and sweet dreams my love. Your Abby

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9/20/2011 3:22:18 PM

Vote 2,727. Plus I left a secret vote Wed. & Thur. also.

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9/2/2011 6:36:27 PM

Hi Ozzy

Would hip be please vote. for my sweetie Ruger in the Modern Dog contest? He is the cute golden retriever in the flowers at Spearfish Canyon. thanks bunches

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8/30/2011 11:37:32 AM

Guten Tag Ozzy! Tossin' out votes and visiting with some friends of Takoda's;) You sure do have an awesome lookin' family

Come visit me, Hawk, Heidi, Teagen

8/12/2011 4:20:43 PM


Guess what? I gotta be your number 2700 vote today and I like doin that! Dookity dookey dook Fuzzy hugs and kisses to ya, Aggie

Come visit me, Angel Indy, In Loving Memory 9/2/08

7/31/2011 2:01:05 PM

Hey My Little Man

Mom told me that your mom mentioned you had wrote to me...sooo I came to look and their was nothing :-( and then I remembered the last time the note was on your I came to your page and their was my note from you (you forgot to put it on my page) but I got it anyway :-) Only have had one more thunder storm here and that makes mom happy. Sasha gets better and better with them. Mom has the floor in the livingroom all swept and waiting for her steamer to get hot so she said I could come visit you and stop over to see Stormy also. We missed Stormy's DOTD cause we haven't been on much lately. It is kinda hot out but we have the air cranked up and it is nice and cool in the house. This long hair is a killer in the hot weather but mom won't cut it. We are having company all next week and I know that they will be kissing me as much as me kissing it. Glad your dad is feeling's are such babies when they don't feel ignores ours when he complains BOL. Did you get mad at your mom when she kept kicking your suckey thing? Did you suck the one I gave you to nothing yet? I'm sure relieved your finally back in the big house (for awhile anyway). Well I'll check back with ya, moms steamer is ready and I have to go real quick to see Stormy. You behave and remember I love you sweetie :-). Sweet Yorkie kisses and lots of snuggles XXXXXXXOOOOOO Your Girl Abby

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7/27/2011 1:07:14 PM


What have you done now to get thrown back in the slammer? I love your pic look so adorable and cuddly. How long is your sentence this time? Do you think your going to get probation too? Your cell looks like it is big enough for me too, I could sneak over and stay with you awhile. When is your hearing with the judge....maybe they'll let you out for good behaviour if you promise not to try and escape. Tomorrow is my torture treatment...bath and grooming, at least with you being in jail you probably don't have to worry about that. I am enjoying the summer here in the country...some days though it gets real warm. I'll stay in touch and come visit you. Kiss kiss my love. Your Gal Abby

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7/8/2011 9:52:20 PM

Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy

You are so funny BOL. I started out lastnight to help you out and got so tired I had to stop and take a nap....woke up and the sun was coming up so I had to go back before mom found me missing. You have to watch it cause there is bad things out there that can hurt you and I would go crazy if something happened to you. I know your mom and dad were probably furious but so happy to find you. Just hang in there and you'll be done serving time and back to normal again. I bet you look so handsome with your new haircut and probably smell better too after rolling around in what ever it was you came upon.....just like a boy BOL Well I am going to run cause mom is going to get me into the bed. Don't try any more breakouts and keep me posted how things are going for you. Love you my little guy and I'll be thinking about you. Snuggles and kisses. XXXXXXOOOOOO Your girl Abby

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6/27/2011 10:18:56 PM

Hi My Little Jail Bird

Sounds like you have a pretty nice cell and they are treating you well. I'll make sure dad puts the front loader back on the tractor and I'll knock a hole in the garage wall and we can escape...think they'll notice BOL? Mom always goes out with us guys too at night especially to make sure no critters have gotten into our yard. Stuck in the house all day cause of storms and so I took naps and had sweet dreams of you my precious. What sucky do you have with ya in jail....sounds like the food is good and I brought you some snacks to munch on. You'll have to talk to your mom about going and getting fixed up so that you don't have to keep going to jail. You can still have fun and drive the girls nuts but nothing to worry about. Well mom is going to put me in the "big bed" so I'll catch a little sleep and you get your things all together in a napsack and I'll be their to help you out of this mess. Love you and blowing kisses to you. Your Babe Abby

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6/24/2011 10:02:54 PM

Hi My Love

Oh I feel so bad about you heading off to jail. Dad said I can use his tractor to come see you. I'll be coming through our secret tunnel and with the tractor it won't take me long. I had a bath yesterday...took mom about 45 minutes just to give me the bath. Mom is going to brush me out this morning and then I'll be ready to come visit. Hey guess what....the lady next door who had 2 yorkies but had to give them up about 3 years ago ....well the girl was my sister. Mom will tell your mom about when they talk. Not much going on here other then just playing out and Tuesday I had to babysit everyone while mom and dad went to Syracuse for the day. Yesterday we had rain so that was boring and today they are calling for thunderstorms. Well I'll get going and get my hair done...see you in a little while. Love you and keep your chin up. Kisses and snuggles Your girl Abby

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6/23/2011 9:18:18 AM

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