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Angel   DOTD 12/13/09

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My mom bought be because she wanted a soul and playmate for Sassie

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Hi Cutie!

Oh sorry about your broken leg! How did it happen? Hope you're feeling better and heal quickly! Kepp me posted on how your doing. Skye 27519

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5/28/2008 5:08:53 PM

oh my little Angel, how in the heck did you break your leg?? you don't sound too worried about it, but we do hope your OK. And I thought I told you to be nice to Sassie!! quit biting her paws or I'm telling that you fake sleep! BOL We had a very busy weekend we were actually glad when mom and dad went back to work!! so we could rest. barks and licks Breezy Aspen and Chloe

Come visit me, Aspen, Chloe, and Breezy

5/28/2008 12:24:52 PM

So Sorry that we have not been on so much this last week. Problems with the computer, Jesse having 3 projects due in the last week of school and his Mom working alot!! One of her employees is going on vacation so she has to do their job and his.. Boy am I glad I do not have a job like that. I get to sleep most of the day! BOL! I have been helping outside in the yard alot - the weather has been beautiful here. I do miss my puppy pals - I just want them to know that I am not ignoring them and that I am still on here. I am still in the biggest feet contest - still on page 4. So if you get a chance, please do not forget about me. Here is a daily vote for you - hope you are enjoying the long weekend.. love and bully licks... JD

Come visit me, ABBY !!, JD

5/26/2008 6:10:19 AM

Hi Cuteness! Here is a vote!

~* Please vote Luke DOTD on 5/20 (65432)*~ Call me "heart throb!!" I was My Mom's Valentines Gift!! MUAH !! to my Daddy for picking me for her! What a Valentine gift I got too! My name is Luke, 65432. Please DOTD Vote for me on TUESDAY, 5/20. I am a handsome 1yo Golden Retriever Boy from Mount Laurel, NJ. I have graduated from puppy school and I know lots of tricks & I am currently attending obedience training, where I also get to do some agility stuff!!. My Valentine says my biggest accomplishment is putting a smile on her face every day! I can do a ton of tricks like, sit, down, sit pretty, wave, roll over, I bark when you say "I love you", I ring a bell when I want to go out, and so much more! I like pretzels, tortilla chips, chicken jerky and peanut butter frozen in a kong. I'll eat just about anything, including sticks, paper and dirt! I am a pig dog! Come read more about me. Please vote for me on Tuesday, 5/20!! Thank/you, Lukey :WooF-WooF: Happy Birthday to Mouse 12870!!!! Come visit me, TT3Trio/F3News VOTE CHIPPER 64020 Monday!!, TT3 Medical News & TT3/F3 MugShots (photos).

Come visit me, Luke ~ 65432, Bark Valley Swim Club #76703

5/19/2008 11:11:56 PM

You r to darn cute!! Bark back whenyou can.. JD

Come visit me, ABBY !!, JD

5/18/2008 5:21:27 AM


Welcome Angel! You are so adorable. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of you. Have fun with your big sister, Sassie. Left you a vote. Skye 27519

Come visit me, Skye CD, RAE4, AX, MXJ, OF, AKC Therapy Dog, Starfall Gamblers Last Play CD BN RA OA OAJ CGC (Ace)

5/17/2008 6:17:22 AM

Hi Angel, Is Sassie teaching you lots of stuff? Looking forward to more pictures, hint hint!! My mom says you look a lot like Chloe, She was born on xmas eve and mom calls her, her little Christmas Angel! heres a vote, barks and licks Breezy, Aspen and Chloe

Come visit me, Aspen, Chloe, and Breezy

5/16/2008 8:10:03 AM

Your So Precious!!

HOWDY ANGEL ... were you a Mother's Day GIFT?? Your so darling honey!! Hope you have fun here on the Channel with your Sissy, Cassie! Hugs and a vote, The Trio

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5/12/2008 8:51:17 AM

Hello little Angel, what a fitting name, you sure look like an angel. Sassie is a very good friend of mine so you be good to her, and don't chase her too much. no tail biting or pulling on her ears(those are just a few of the things I did to my big sister and brother when I was a pup)! I left you a vote and welcome to the CLUB. your new friends Breezy, Aspen and Chloe

Come visit me, Aspen, Chloe, and Breezy

5/12/2008 6:16:30 AM

Awwwwwww....what a CUTIE!!!

Welcome to the dog channel. I hope you like it here as much as I do. My name is Freckles and I think you are absolutely adorable. I just got two new little brothers myself. Their names are Tango & Cash. Maybe we can all be friends. We dropped by to leave you your 4th official DC vote. Come by and visit us anytime. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.~Freckles

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5/11/2008 11:09:33 AM

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