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&hearts KaLEy #44263 RN OJP CL1

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my mum's love of corgis...she had several preowned corgis..she wanted a puppy girl

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Hi Kaley!

Well, it was very nice meeting you! It sounds like you had lots of fun with your Momma today in agility, Kaley, it sounds like so much fun! I am starting agility, but I only have some jumps...but eventually I should be getting some more equimpment. I love all of your pictures, they're so nice and even look profesional! WOW! Good job on them, your a very good poser, with your many looks, hehehe. God Bless. Bark by anytime, Love and a vote, Wishy! PS~Would you like me to add you to my contest voting list?

Come visit me, Wishbone

4/20/2008 4:08:48 PM

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