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ANGEL PONGO 07/16/1998 - 07/23/14.  I AM WITH ANGEL DANA!  VT T.J. 4 DOTM!!

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I owned his mother and father, and they had 1 puppy, which was Pongo. . PLEASE KEEP THE DOG ANGELS IN YOUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS! Please heal our sick friends and watch over our New Angels, comfort their families, & give them strength!

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Hi Pongo

Thanks for remembering me and my family on the 1 year anniverary of my coming to the Rainbow Bridge. It was hard on my Mommy but all our friends on DC helped her get through it. Mommy said that the best friends she ever had in her entire life are the ones on DC! Maybe DC doesn't just stand for Dog Channel, Maybe it stands for Dogpeople Care! hehe A Sprinkling of Angeldust and Magical Mist, Angel Anakin

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

4/19/2012 1:56:26 PM

Hi Pongo crew and Auntie Vickie

Thank you for coming by to share my Birthday and make it very special. Aww thank you so much for large bones and treats to enjoy and share. Chance says thank you for thinking of her too. Auntie Sandy, Brie, Ben and Ty should be here tomorrow and we will tell them all hello from you. Gma and mommy along with the rest of us are holding our own right now. hehe. I hope your mommy is doing well and feeling great. Thank you again for making my Birthday so special. Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna

Come visit me, Angel CESSNA (4/18/04 to 2/1/16) and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

4/18/2012 7:56:08 PM

Thank you SO much for stopping by my page today with your dotd vote. It doesn't matter that I didn't win. I couldn't! It's been less than a year since I last won. But that's okay, because I always love when you visit! Thank you also for remembering Tiny and leaving her a vote. We recently commemorated the 3rd anniversary of her passing. Not a day goes by that mama doesn't remember her fondly and Tiny is often in her dreams. Those seem so real and are a precious treasure. It means the world to both of us that she is still remembered by all her friends here on DC. She's a very special dog! I wish I could have met her though I might have been a little jealous! I don't like sharing mama's attention. Mama says that's okay though. I am my own dog and I will make my own very different memories. Some of you may already have heard this when you stopped by on her anniversary but in order to reach all my friends tonight at such a late hour, I have to write my general thanks and appreciation. Pippin HC 11626 celebrates his 7th birthday tomorrow (18th) so we're all excited about that. Thanks to those who have already stopped by his page with birthday wishes. Personal blogs to all will follow later. Leaving a vote from me if Pippin hasn't already beaten me to it! Melian

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/18/2012 1:51:50 AM

Hello Cuties

Thank you so much for stopping by to wish us a Happy Birthday! & all the wonderful gifts & treats. We have had a terrible weekend. Gracie was injured Friday evening. One of our bigger sister, Keesh accidently step on Gracie’s hind legs. She took off crying when Bear (another sister) went after her & bit her twice on the neck. We had to rush her to ER to be treated. She got stitches on her right side of the mouth & had 2 tubes put in the bite wounds. Her hind leg was not broken or fracture but the ACL was stretched. we are hoping it will heal up on its own. She is recovering nicely. Thank God for our auntie’s fast reaction to get the wounds cleaned & rushed to vet. Both our Mom & Dad were very sick. Dad was treated for sinus infection & pneumonia and Mom lost her voice to laryngitis & was suffering with terrible allergies & sinuses all weekend. Gracie has an appointment tomorrow to have tubes removed. Mom doesn’t remember when the stitches in her mouth will be taken out. Today we are just relaxing at home with Mom as she can’t speak for a week. Mom said she had planned on getting our cake & pawty stuff this past weekend but it didn’t happen. This weekend, we are hoping to get groomed and have our cake & small pawty with tons of treats & toys. Hugs & poodle kisses, Belle & Gracie♥

Come visit me, Belle & Gracie

4/17/2012 12:37:58 PM

Hi Pongo

Thank you for your prayers. I go tomorrow for my Dr. appointment. Mom can't wait. I feel much better after going to the ER. I was really scared though. Mom and Dad kept telling me that I was a good boy and when we got home I got some yummy treats. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Alabama Gang #43042 June DOTM!, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

4/16/2012 6:01:05 PM

Pongo and all

Thank you for stopping by for my anniversary here on DC. It means so much to me that you came by to help me with my celebration. I have met so many wonderful furiends here. Max Bear

Come visit me, † Angel Spike †, Brutus Maximus giving a shout out from Michigan!, Max Bear

4/16/2012 5:23:33 PM

Well I do have do say you have a lovely bunch:)

Each and every one of you is precious:) Come visit my pack sometime:)

Come visit me, Broyla, Carp, Ella, Emma, Luna, Paylor, Rahster

4/16/2012 1:24:21 PM

Thanks for coming to the Birthday pawty!

Come visit me, Angel Buck 1994-2007, Freckles * I love Gucci!*, Rambo *I luv Ivy*, Wrinkles *SINGLE*

4/13/2012 5:40:36 PM

-:¦:- ♦ Good afternoon Pongo! ♦ -:¦:-

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I sure felt like one special boy when all my sweet friends came over to celebrate with me. I had a wonderful birthday! Half of it was spent at our lodge on Lake Clark and then the other half back at home, as our spring vacation ended today. Thanks again for coming by and here's a big tray with pawrty pupcakes stacked high on it just for you ;) Hugs and a vote from the BDay Boy Yukon 8==8

Come visit me, ., .., In Loving Memory of Indigo, Yukon & Peaka

4/12/2012 12:40:24 PM

Good Evening!

Lady is eating and doing better. Once again God has answered prayers! We thank each one and want you to know how much you mean to us. We love you all! May God bless each & everyone! Love ya!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Please vote us (#43042) DOTM in June!!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Skipper

4/11/2012 7:43:21 PM

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