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My mom has a FB page ( Julie Ulrich from Mn) but we don't get on there much. She also has an Instagram @worldfamousju. We have loved all our furfriends on DC and will miss you all. Basenji hugs and BarooOos to you all.


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My mom was vacationing in Mexico when she met a basenji (from Canada) on the beach. She thought he was adorable. Upon returning home she saw that some basenji puppies were up for adoption (it WAS the right time of year=we're only born in the winter) She picked me-the brindled male runt. My mom had NO idea what she was in for...I destroyed thousands of dollars worth of things over our first few years together, but 14yrs later I know she doesn't regret a minute of our time together!

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Hey Benny

We had a pretty good day today! mommy did some laundry and I followed her back and forth to make sure she did it right. Maya was following, too, only she was just following Mommy cause wherever Mommy goes Maya USUALLY follows....not always but A LOT of the time! Yesterday Mommy and Maya made homemade bread and deer roast so today Mommy and Daddy ate leftovers for supper and we had our regular Natural Balance! We did get to sample their food, though! Daddy was feeling bad so at lunch, Mommy had a PBJ with a side of the macaroni salad she made yesterday! Me and Maya mooched and got a bite! Yummy Peanut butter!! That jelly is pretty good, too! It was Mommy's homemade grape jelly! I had a rough time being able to go potty during the better part of the day because it was raining and dark and dreary! We even had that darn thunder going on! I DO NOT LIKE GETTING WET WHEN I GO PEE! Evidently Maya doesn't either cause she won't even come off the front porch! Maya was on the porch watching when Mommy took me out one time after I kept crying and trying to get her to stop the rain. Well after a little coaxing, I just had to jump down and pee and come back up on the porch. It was either that or I was gonna pop! The whites of my eyes were yellow as it was ....BOL! Mommy asked Maya, "Don't you want to come go TinklePee"? (isn't that a sissy term?) and Maya turned around and ran under the bench on the front porch to hide!! BOL! I guess Mommy got her answer, huh!? Once during the day, nobody wanted to play with me very much! I could tell Daddy's heart wasn't in it cause he said to me, "Come on Chewie... I'm trying to use the computer and I can't when you get in the way" Well, a house doesn't have to fall on me, I can take a hint!....I'll find Mom! Well she was in the bathroom. I tried the regular things I do to get her attention, but she was too busy reading on her Nook to pay much attention to me. Maya was laying at her feet so she wasn't any help either! Well I showed 'em all! I took my bumpy bouncy ball to the top of the stairs, sat it down and pushed it forward with my nose till it rolled down the first step. I stood and watched it bounce down the stairs then I went and retrieved it and brought it back UPSTAIRS again! If they won't play with me, I'll play without them! Later Daddy played with me! I think he felt like he wasn't needed, so he played.... either that or he felt guilty for making me play all by myself! Wasn't it neat that Maya got 1st Place in the Spring Easter Photo Contest? I am so PROUD of her! She is such a neat sister, and cute too! I LOVE HER LOTS!! I better go! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags , Chewie Cairn Cuddles from Maya, too!

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4/13/2012 8:42:23 PM

Hi benny

Did your Mom have agood time in Sioux Falls last weekend? Hope she got home before the rin came. We really needed it but we are tired of it now. Mom took us on a couple of roadtrips to break the boredom. It's not the same as being able to get out & run though,

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4/13/2012 7:52:24 PM

We're doing good!! There's only one dog in my fam the others are my Aunt and Memaw's. Mookey

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4/13/2012 5:46:42 PM

• ° • -:¦:- Hi Benvolio! -:¦:- • ° •

How are you doing today? We just got back from our lodge on Lake Clark. Had such a blast! Mom took me running beside the ATV every day and I'm still sore! Haven't ran like that in a long time. Tomorrow morning we are driving to Alyeska in Gerdwood to spend the day snowboarding there. Mom is soooo excited! She absolutely loves snowboarding. Yesterday the temp reached 62°F!! Doesn't look like the snowboarding will last much longer. This will probably be the last time of the year. I'm looking very forward to swimming in our lake again. There's something fun to do in every season! :) Yesterday mom went bicycling for the first time this spring. She said it felt so good! Yukon went with her and he loved it. Hope you have a grreat weekend! Here's a vote for you....Oh and I have 15 new photos! :) • ° • -:¦:- Peaka -:¦:- • ° •

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

4/13/2012 4:53:19 PM

HI Benny Boy!

Hey handsome buddy! THANKS OR VOTE 3,000! Man, what a mark. So glad my good ol' buddy could give me that! WOOOO-HOOOOOOO! Oh it sure is nice here in PA...except today, it's as cold as ever, in the high 30's and low 40's BUUURRRRR! Momma took me for a nice little walk today, ahhh, nice and brisk. The sun's peaking out, so maybe it'll get a little warmer. So cool that you get to stay home with Dad and get lots of YUMMY TREATS...though I know treats can't replace MOM. Am I right? I'm right! HEHEHE! Snugglies sweet Benvolio! Hope you had a happy Easter! :)

Come visit me, Wishbone

4/11/2012 12:03:02 PM

760 Benvolio, Sorr you missed my ADOTD

Here is a vote anyway Angel Samson, Grant ; Gelding Wolken & Mom Paula (even Sun Cat !) want to thank you for your wonderful support for Angel Samson’s 4th ADOTD, all of the votes and news and always just being YOU! We pray for our sick and lost and hurt friends and the abandoned ones in particular! Please note we will be on limited time due to family issues, constant travel and having a new challenge with the horse. Not enough time and a lot of wear & tear on the bod, he he! See you around w/Luv!

Come visit me, GRANT of Silver Bullet,ready for an ocean swim, on vacation until end of September and mostly offline.

4/11/2012 12:01:45 PM

Hi Benny

thanks for the congrats on my DOTD win. yes we had a great pawty time. thanks for dropping in and helping us pawty. Hey, is that your grey kitty in the picture? looks just like grandpaws cat. is he on cc? we have cats too. You are a cutie! I love your pictures. have a great day Sunday

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4/11/2012 7:01:11 AM

How are you doing? It was great to hear from you again. I hope you had a wonderful celebration for Easter. Thank you so much for stopping by Tiny's page with your kind thoughts on the 3rd anniversary of her passing. Not a day goes by that mama doesn't remember her fondly and Tiny is often in her dreams. Those seem so real and are a precious treasure. Thank you for taking the time to read her scrapbook. I need to do that again too! It's just that sometimes it makes me sad. But, the scrapbook does show what a great life she had! It means the world to both of us that she is still remembered by all her friends here on DC. She's a very special dog! I wish I could have met her though I might have been a little jealous! I don't like sharing mama's attention. Mama says that's okay though. I am my own dog and I will make my own very different memories. Yesterday was my birthday. I had a wonderful day even though mama was too busy to take me for a walk! But that's okay, I spent time outside and did "stuff." It was warm and windy and just how I like it. I did get some yummy things to eat. For lunch I got a nice fresh raw egg mixed with my food. Mmm, I love that! And then for supper I got raw chopped liver mixed in with my food. I love that too! And then in the evening I made mama regret not taking me out for a walk because I alternated playing toss by myself and fetch with mama with my squeaky beaver for a long time. And then I just finished squeaking my hedgehog. Got to keep 'em busy! Thank you again for stopping by and here's a vote of thanks for you. And come and check out my puppy pics!

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4/10/2012 11:57:49 PM

4/10/2012 9:15:22 AM

Hi Benny, I'm recovering from my biopsy. I am doing so well- Mommy says I am being the perfect patient. I am giving her no trouble at all with my e collar. She wishes I didn't need it, but she knows it's best that I stay away from my sutures. I'm still taking Rimadyl. Max is being good with me now so we aren't separated anymore. My biopsy results should be back late this week. We will keep you posted. Here is our vote for you! Love, Snickers & Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

4/9/2012 7:46:33 PM

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