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Audrina Star ****  Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588  ~APRIL DOTM~ **** Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ *Winning DOTM March*

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I knew I wanted a shih tzu. I looked at about five different pet stores and called breeders from the newspaper. I had gone to this one pet store called pups n suds I saw Audrina among the other puppies I thought she was so adorable. But I left after about thiry mins. I could not stop thinking of her. the next hour I went back and knew she was a prefect piece to our family. And I have loved her ever since that moment. I could not be more grateful what she brings to my life.

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3/17/2008 7:39:18 PM

Oh my goodness are you cute. It is very good to meet you. I'm Bella, I was resuced by my family and they had three shih tzu's before I came to live with them. They are 15, 14 and 10 1/2 years old. I just love to play with them. Mom says I am a little to rough sometimes and I have to be gentle with them because they are old. I just love your pictures and I hope we can be friends. Bella

Come visit me, BELLA

3/17/2008 4:58:18 PM

Hey Audrina

Thanks for voting for me. You are so cute. Your sweaters look adorable on you. Here's a vote.

Come visit me, Koda

3/17/2008 4:52:12 PM


Thanks for coming over again. I'm sure you look absolutely precious w/the bows in your hair. Enjoy your walk. Diego

Come visit me, Diego/59384~ Hi Buddies, I've missed you all...

3/17/2008 2:56:05 PM

Great Pics!

Hey Audrina, thanks for stopping by, I love all your pics! Thanks for the vote, you can be sure that I'll be voting for you too. Sorry to cut it short but i have to do Hope to hear from you soon! Left ya a vote!~PAWS AND BARKS FROM UR PAL JUNIOR~

Come visit me, Junior (Away for now...)

3/17/2008 2:08:26 PM


Zabi and I are getting the soap and water torture at Petsmart as we blog!!! Zelda was bathed in the sink at home, but mommy didn't wanna put up with us two biggies!!! So much for being lucky today...baths instead of treats...BLAH!!! Happy ST. Paddy's day!!! Hope you get lucky and receive lots of treats from your mommy today!!! Your pal...Big Z.

Come visit me, Angel ZIGGY ~ RIP 7/17/09, BELLA ~ princess-I finally found a good home!, ZABIMARU~aka GREAT Z, ZINA ~ Sassy Z ~ Zzz Gang, Zorro *Big Z* I turned 4 on 9.9.09!

3/17/2008 11:38:31 AM


Audrina WAKE UP, Wheres MIA ??? Nonie is getting dressed TODAY IS ST. PATRICK'S DAY; Nonie is taking us to Floyd Lamb Park {{{{ YIPPIE }}} We will be wearing the GREEN, running, adventuring, sniffing the ducks and peacocks ... Quick Nonie is putting on her Tennis Shoes .. {{{ MOM PHONED THIS MORNING, SHE WILL HOME TOMORROW }}} We can tell HER all of Our fun times staying with Our Nonie <3<3<3 Tiffany <33<33<33

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3/17/2008 9:48:10 AM

Hello Audriana

Top of the morning to ya! You are a beauty!Thanks for the vote. I really appreciate it. And I'm glad you stopped by. I love making new friends.Hope you are having a great St. Patrick's Day, but I'm confused. Jake and I awoke this morning to Mom running around the house decorating it with Shamrocks and green stuff. I dunno. Green is not my color. Have a blessed one. Love ya, Besito

Come visit me, Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!, MM, Nikki

3/17/2008 9:24:21 AM

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