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What's new? Really want to know??? We moved. I liked it OK. First Paco ran off & we got him back. Then my big cat bro Aaron ran away. He was gone for 3 wka, Things were going OK but I got a cough & was biting my toes. Everyone thought I had an allergy, Mom & Aunt Connie took me for my physical, heartworm test & Rabies shot Not good news. MY heart murmur was worse, & I tested positive for Lymme ao had to take pills. Mom hid them, so I never knew, One night I fell off the arm of the couch & landed in a big box. I got really scared. My heart was pounding like mad. Mommy held me & kissed me & calmed me down but after that I just didn't have my energy. When I jumped off the bed I had to just lay there. So Mom called the doctor & got a ride for me to go. BUT while I was sleeping there on the couch, an Angel came & told me I had to go. I felt so tired I didn't argue at all. I didn't want to leave Mom & Paco or my Teddy but here I am now! RAINBOW Bridge! It's so beautiful & I have all my energy back. I am an ANGEL! Please pray for Mommy. She cries every night. God Bless you all. Merry Christmas! LeeLee


Aaliyah - Oh! My GOODNESS!

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The loss of our sweet little Jenny. We found her on Petfinder and went to visit her. Jenny's Godmother Connie took us to the MSPCA where we adopted her 5/30/09. she was supposed to be my sisters dog but she liked me.

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