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My hearing has gone kaput. I just watch the other two and that way I know if treats are coming my way. At night especially in the dark I walk right next to mom with my nose touching her leg. She bought me steps so I can get up and down from the bed but I don't use them.I just stand up and whine at her (she's my personal elevator).Life is good :)


Dodger     14698

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he was dodging traffic on a very busy highway.Told my hubby to look for him and see if he saw him laying injured or anything - as I was on my way to work.So he drove the side streets etc. and saw no sign of him so we thought okay he made it.Then a week later when I was at work my hubby called me and said "you know that dog,well he is here in the back yard smelling your flowers.Guess he felt this place was right for him.No one claimed him.He was skin and bones,covered in grease and his teeth were all brown.He just seemed to think he belonged with us.We don't know his real age so we celebrate his birthday the day he arrived.Sept.11th.2002

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Just go to my blogger blog at the address in the title, then click on the "Follow me on Twitter" button and you will find me on Twitter. Also when you go to my blogger blog, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign my GuestBook! Ginger can sign it too. Be sure to put you pick in the GuestBook too. Mom started my blog a long time ago and she has been working on it recently. She should have a new blog ready for today. My Virtual Travels will continue to Savannah GA today, GhostBust'n in Savannah, home to many great ghosts! Tell Ginger, it is best to stay back from the little ghosts and goblins on Howl-O-Ween, they are very scarey! Woofs, Buddy PS You might like Twitter on the NoteBook, each "tweet" is limited to 140 characters, so not so much typing! I think I would like one of those, but paws might be to big too!

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10/29/2009 7:05:02 AM

Hi I am Angel Pete! Would you like to be my furend? I am running for DOTM in November with the DOTM page and my DOTM blog is on my page! Hope you can blog back! Hugs♥... Angel Pete

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10/28/2009 5:54:54 PM

Hi Dodger Boy

Wow, it has been a very long time. We miss you guys so much. Are you on Twitter? If you are look me up, whereisbuddy, that is me. Just do a search, not for people, just a search and you will find whereisbuddy! Twitter is fun, check it out. Still miss Rusty and our other Carin friend Roxy too, wow, it is so sad to see my friends gone to Rainbow Bridge. Woofs, Buddy

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10/27/2009 5:39:44 PM

*:||:*VOTE MANDY~119031~THURS 10/22*:||:*

Hi! My name is Mandy running for DOTD, Thursday, October 22nd come over to my page #119031, steal my DOTD Vote Button!!! I am a Border Collie from Rome, GA. Celebrated my birthday on March 3rd, 2 years old. Completed obedience training, mommy taught me tricks too!!! Can even balance my ball on my nose. Bestest treat for me is Jerky strips. Wherever my mommy is hang out with mommy. My favorite game with mommy is throw my ball. PLS vote for Mandy DOTD, Thursday, October 22nd page #119031. Happy Birthday: Angel Candy 24875 and Tula 28205

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10/21/2009 10:39:40 PM

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10/19/2009 2:18:51 PM

:·.(¯`v´¯).·: VOTE BOBBIE SAT :·.(¯`v´¯).·:

Hi everyone, I am Bobbie (#138679) and I am an Angel now. I lived my life in Minden, LA with my human Mom and for the last year and a half with my crazy, funny canine sister Lorna Doone. I got my “wings” on September 12th, there were so many important things for me to do at Rainbow Bridge. I am with my sisters Curly & Inky and my Fur Mama Ozzie now. Mama Ozzie was named for the “Wizard of Oz”, my human Mom was the music director of the show and my Angel sibling Raggmopp was the star, “TOTO”, when they found my Mama on the street. I was born about that time, just a cute little pup, there were five of us, two found other homes and the rest of us stayed with Mom. Curly, Inky & Mama Ozzie got to Rainbow Bridge first and they were waiting to welcome me when I got here on Saturday. Mom & Lorna Doone miss me very much and it will make them smile to see me in “the frame” as DOTD. Please vote for me on September 26, 2009 and help me “put that smile back on their faces”! I had a wonderful life in Minden and I miss them both so much, please vote for me and help me make them smile again. Hugs from an Angel, Bobbie #138679. (Happy Birthday to: Raja 79386, Kyoti 21642, Arkie Pals's Mom, Brigitte's Bday 85816 and Suzy 29343. TEAMdotd)

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9/26/2009 5:51:14 AM

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9/22/2009 4:18:25 PM

Hi Dodger

Missed you on your Birthday, did you have a Pawty? Woofs, Buddy

Come visit me, "Buddy" 5/11/2003 - 7/2/2014, RIP Coopie 12/19/95 - 09/18/14, Scooby

9/13/2009 6:48:30 AM

Happy Birthday Dodger pal

What a cool story you have, so glad you are in your furever home now! Auss was the same way, didn't know what a bowl and toys were but he is comin around too. Mom has had him for almost two years and got me from some rescue place to keep him company! Well he plays with me some but is still real growly about his food bowl! I sneak over there sometimes to make sure he's not gettin special stuff! HEHEHE Hope you have a woofderful barkday pal! Brought you a basket of Meaty Bones! Come & see us when your pawty is over! The Crazy Florida Boys, Aussie & Rowdy

Come visit me, Aussie!, Hot Dog! Get Cookin With Us!, Rowdy!

9/11/2009 10:14:14 PM


Hope you've been having an excellent day! Leaving an ice cream cone and a platter of cheese for you to enjoy. Rottie hugs and a birthday vote.

Come visit me, **CJ**, *~Angel Bubba Dutch~*

9/11/2009 8:33:53 PM

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