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My mom has a FB page ( Julie Ulrich from Mn) but we don't get on there much. She also has an Instagram @worldfamousju. We have loved all our furfriends on DC and will miss you all. Basenji hugs and BarooOos to you all.


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My mom was vacationing in Mexico when she met a basenji (from Canada) on the beach. She thought he was adorable. Upon returning home she saw that some basenji puppies were up for adoption (it WAS the right time of year=we're only born in the winter) She picked me-the brindled male runt. My mom had NO idea what she was in for...I destroyed thousands of dollars worth of things over our first few years together, but 14yrs later I know she doesn't regret a minute of our time together!

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Prince Benny

Mommy is really tired from the past few days so we're going to take it easy tomorrow for sure ! Her Majesty was left alone yesterday with her daughter while mommy and daddy traveled to daddy's sissy's house for a dinner. We got our beauty sleep while we waited for them to come back. Have a fun day friend. Tail Wags, Fiona the Queen : )

Come visit me, Fiona the Fearless : Greetings sweet DC friends. I haven't forgotten you. Tail Wags, Fiona xx

4/9/2012 1:38:10 PM

Hello Benvolio

You are just so cute! I love your pictures I am new here, it is very nice to meet you. Would you like to be friends? Happy Easter and I hope you have a nice Easter Sunday. Thank you - Pyrenees Pats - Anya

Come visit me, Anya

4/8/2012 6:06:23 PM

Hi Benny

Happy Easter! Your mom should of let us know so we could meet up for coffee or something. We only live 25 miles from Sioux Falls. If she has time tell her to e-mail us at harleys4@goldenwest.net and we will be happy to meet her.

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

4/8/2012 12:05:05 PM

Hi Benvolio

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter. I have spent the morning searching for eggs but I think the Easter bunny passed by my house. He was probably afraid that I would chase him. Good thing my mom has lots of eggs, slobbery kisses, Sawyer

Come visit me, Libby loves Ceaser, Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

4/8/2012 10:54:06 AM


HAPPY EASTER FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS We hope that everyone has a Happy Easter!! ~*~THE JELLY BEAN PRAYER~*~ Red is for the blood He gave Green is for the grass He made Yellow is for the sun so bright Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins that were made White is for the grace He gave Purple is for the hour of sorrow Pink is for the new tomorrow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nails didn’t hold Jesus to a cross. Love did. ( Max Lucado ) †' Love and Hugs,Mugs and Mama

Come visit me, Mugsy 27341 ♥ IN LOVING MEMORY~4/15/2002-4/1/2015, Papi~278193~, PRESIDENTIAL PAGE~109695

4/7/2012 7:55:05 PM

Hi Benny

Voted. We had a super day today. We were outside all day. I got lots of work done in the paddocks, got hay throw down for next week. We set up some of Zack's agility stuff and we worked on our lateral moves. Oh boy, this dog is so smart. Happy Easter. Talk soon, Donna Lee and Zack

Come visit me, Zack

4/7/2012 5:13:54 PM

Hi ya Benny BooBoo

nope we're not doubting Thomas'. We're BELIEVERS! We don't really eat peeps either. Not allowed stuff like that. Mom's making stuffed shells with garlic bread and ham for Easter dinner so we might get a taste of that! We LOVE italian food! Speaking of Italian, we love your name! Sure sounds Italian to us. That is what are mom is! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend, Benvolio!! Woofs R&C

Come visit me, Riley Chipper Ruby ~~Find us on Facebook~~

4/7/2012 1:15:45 PM

8==8 Hello Benvolio! 8==8

Long time no bark! How are you doing? I sure have missed all my DC furiends. It's been real busy around here but everyone is well.....almost everyone. Mom's sweet hamster, Oliver recently had a tragic death due to a careless incident involving one of our cats. Oliver was very dear to us and mom feels so bad about what happened. Thank you again to all the pawesome pups who went over to smallanimalchannel and voted for him back in August for COTD. Oliver won COTM in March and we thought it was strange that after being on SAC for over two years, he died the same month he was COTM. Mom and her brother each got a gerbil, Tortellini & Fettucini (affectionately nicknamed the lil noodle heads). They are so cute and fun. If you'd like to see them you can check out their web pages on smallanimalchannel. Torty's on page #231924 and Fettu's on #231274. Has spring arrived at your place yet? The other day we got our first real rainfall. We still have tons of snow though and it will take several heavy downpours to melt all of it. The roads are no good for skijoring anymore so we've been going for walks instead. Speaking of skijoring, mom has been working on a skijor video of different clips people have taken of us to share with our friends. Mom's never made movies before so she's just getting to know the programs. Do you have a particular favorite? We are looking very forward to finishing it so you can see. Mom's just been too busy lately to work on it. Yesterday we flew to our lodge on Lake Clark and we're blogging you from it :) Mom's cousins from Norway came to Alaska for a visit and they are here too. They can speak English but they're always talking to each other in Norwegian. It's driving mom crazy because she has no idea what they're saying. She has decided she HAS to learn Norwegian. hehe. My birthday's coming up on the 11th and I am looking so forward to it. I'll be 8 years young :) We hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!! May God's blessings be with you this spring and always. Pawing a vote. Lots of big warm furry hugs......Yukon

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

4/7/2012 11:36:00 AM

Hi Benvolio

You are just so dang cute!!! Barking by with a vote, puppy hugs, Maggie

Come visit me, Jack, Lilly, Maggie, Mitch

4/6/2012 4:50:38 PM

Hi Benny, here's a paw on that bone of yours. BOL, I think you're right. Velco-itis! But at times I do cut the apron strings and let mom do her things. BOL! Mom's got a busy day today. We've been really having fun together now that mom's home all the time. She got some new pictures of me outside. Hopefully she'll post them. I like the one at the barn, waiting for her to come in from getting a horse out of the pasture. I just don't go out there, it's not safe, they could run my over, but no on purpose. Harley.

Come visit me, Angel Harley, Well as most of you know, I got my Angel Wings. I'm watching over my Girl Sheba from above, and now can see her pretty face and her playing. Thanks Dani, for vote #21,600!, Honey, Mom's very please for the most part on how well my training is coming. I want to say, it's only been a short time for me on DC, but I'm sure gonna miss all my furfriends! Thank you Angel Scooby for vote 1200!

4/6/2012 3:52:55 AM

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