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Hello to all my dear fur friends and their mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and everything else inbetween. First and foremost I am sorry I am not on DC. There are a lot of reasons for my absence and I sure do miss you all. Mommy has had major computer problems big time and DC is SO-SO slow, I have found out I have multiple fatty cysts, but I do have a mass on my left shoulder, and another growth on my right eye. Mommy told me as long as I am happy and active that is the way we want to be. I wuv her so much and she loves me. Grams and gramps are really slowing down a lot. Granny has to have another endarterectomy and gramps can not stand for too long and is needing more and more help. As far as mommy she is taking care of everyone but not taking care of herself emotionally. So please know you are all in our prayers, thoughts, and we always send our love. Please don't feel like you are snubbed, because it is totally opposite, mom says she really wants a new pc but at this time with everything going on it is the last thing on her mind. We send our Love, hugs, prayers, and golden kisses and you all are in our hearts.


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It was a total surprise! His breeder gave him to me since all the other ones were girls, and he was left alone. There is NO way to repay her for such a wonderful gift!1/15/2012-We want to thank all our DC/FC friends and family for being just SO great and patient with our offline time. Please know that everyone was in our thoughts and prayers at all times. It will take time for us to get to know all the new DC family but we are hopeful that it will come with time! I love all the smile boxes, and letters received during our absence, and can never be able to catch up on all the blogs that were left for us when we were off line, so here are some BIG HUG. LOTS of LOVE, continued PRAYERS,especially for the all that need those extra prayers for healing, and GOLDEN KISSES!

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Hi Ozzie

Things have been really buzzing around here today. No, I don't mean we've been busy, I mean BUZZING literally! My skin-cousin Ruth Called Daddy this morning and said the post office called her at 5am and told her their bees were there. I didn't know they called people that early. They must have wanted those bees out of there! BOL! Daddy drove into town and brought the bees back here. They were in the garage all day. the wild bees kept coming to visit the ones in the boxes with the screens! There was LOTS of bees. Daddy said there was a Queen in each box. I looked but I never saw any bees wearing a crown or even waving like the one in England always does! He also said there were worker bees in there. If you ask me, I think Daddy and Ruth got had. I don't think there were any Queens and I think they were ALL WORKER BEES...working to get out of those boxes anyway! BOL! Seriously, I think there may have been some Killer Bees in those boxes because there was a bunch of dead bees in the bottom of the boxes. They were murdering their own and had nowhere to hide the bodies! Daddy got all his beekeeping stuff and went to Ruth's so they could put them in the hives Daddy made out of wood in his workshop. When daddy puts that beekeeping gear on, he looks like he is either a HazMat crew member or an astronaut or an alien from another planet. Sheesh, no wonder the bees don't sting ya when you wear that stuff! At least we don't have to worry about being shot with a high powered cork if we go downstairs anymore! Daddy took the last of the shooting/exploding wine bottles outside and cleaned up the mess. Apparently, the stabilizer was old enough it didn't work right or something, and the wine started fermenting again and built up pressure in the bottle. It had to get out somehow so the corks blew out and with the wine bottles on their sides, it sprayed out with a pretty strong force. As hard as the corks hit the door and as far as the wine sprayed I would sure hate to be standing there when it blew up! The basement looked like a christened ship! Oh well, it is the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic, maybe Daddy just has a funny way of celebrating it! BOL! BBS my friend! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

4/23/2012 9:02:46 PM

Hi Ozzie

Well it is happening. I am becoming famous. (Mommy keeps saying I am not FAMOUS, I amd INFAMOUS!)We went to Petco for our Tricks Class and Puppy Playtime/Yappy Hour. When we walked in, they were getting the fencing in place and we saw there were some new people that we hadn't met and one new one we met this week when we went in for some stuff. Well the one we met this past week says "there's Chewie, Hi Chewie." Then she looks at Mommy and says" I'm sorry, I can't remember her name" and looks down at Maya. So Mommy told her and she told Maya hi. The new trainer that helped in our class says " So this is the famous Chewie" "The one whos picture is on the wall" We went to check out the World's Best Cat Litter and up the aisle at the aquariums is John who works there. A little girl and her Mommy weanted to come see me and Mommy and John came down the aisle to see Chewie and give me a cookie. He was telling them how great I was in class and how smart I am....he loved Maya too. Since she wouldn't take it from him, he gave a cookie to Mommy for Maya later. When Mommy and Daddy left us to play and went to Big Lots next door so we wouldn't see them and come whine to be with them and go ahead and play, a whole lot more puppy dogs than we ever had before came to play! They came back and a lady was asking Mommy what breed of dog Maya was and then Mommy said something to me, "Chewie" and the Lady said "Chewie! Thats the Chewie we were hearing about when we first came in the store" Mommy immediately said "It wasn't bad, was it?" The lady said, "No, I don't think so" Mommy kind of cringed inside cause she knows me...hehehe. I just gotta get Maya to come out of her shell a little. Then, we can take our show on the road and do a routine kind of like Martin and Lewis...Maya can be the Dean Martin straight man part and I can be the extremely funny and readily recognizable Jerry Lewis part. What do ya think? If my political career falls through do ya think this might work? PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

4/22/2012 9:01:28 PM

.*. Ozzie .*.

This morning we were up and walking at 7:30 a.m. it's cooler in the mornings !! Today was a bathe day, Misha was first for her grooming session, all her hair on her tummy is gone, and combed lots lots lots lots of undercoat was removed. Nonnie trimmed the back of her legs, then on-ward to her bath. I was next. The same happened to me, but I didn't have much undergrowth and enjoyed have my tummy, chest shaved. We will now be cooler and lots of playtime outdoors. Happy Saturday !! . Shih Tzu hugs* Tiffany

Come visit me, *♥* `LiL Sissy `†`ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} *♥* Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588 ~APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March, *♥* Misha ~Barks~ *♥* DC is my favorite place !! Thank You for this Honor Winning DOTD, a Bath for me 2-Day ~~ Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588 ~APRIL DOTM *♥* ~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March, Tiffany ~*♥*~ Bandit ~Please, VOTE SHEBA #254588~ APRIL DOTM ~*♥*~ Congratulations ~Queen Angelina~ Winning DOTM March

4/21/2012 7:39:09 PM

Hi Ozzie

Mommy heard a big boom downstairs and went to check it out because Daddy makes wine and he has another batch going. Well the last few days he has had something happen that has never happened before. The wine bottles are blowing up! The wine goes everywhere. Guess what! Another one blew! Wine is all over the door, the floor...everywhere. Of course when Mommy opened the door, she stepped into the wet sticky stuff. She is not a happy camper. This time it isn'y us, Maya or EVEN Chewie in the perverbial doghouse...it's Daddy! Mommy called him on his cellphone at Uncle Bob's and told him about it...Bad Dad! Today, Mommy has a few things lined up for us to do. We are gonna make Amish Friendship Bread...That stuff is good. Especially the Apple Cinnamon one that Mommy Makes. We have to work on the Photo Albms because we have to write in where all the puppies are from under their names. Cool end result, but I think I will convince Mommy to do it without me. I have been working with my campaign manager, Maya and my poster designer/speech writer, Mommy planning everything out for my DOTM run in June. We are kind of nervous about running. I am a very sensitive guy, ya know. I have been watching the campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President and those people are brutal....even a penguin got in the act when he bit that Newt guy in St Louis! I sure don't want any strange birds biting me! Heck, I don't even want any birds I know biting me! BOL! I am just an all round friendly guy looking to make his way in the world by running for a position that lasts only a month, has no pay or insurance benefits and doesn't mean a hill of beans to the media or MOST of the general public and I am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Shoot I can't even campaign for a little over a month and I would be sweating if a dog could do that. (Instead, I am panting like crazy!) At this rate I will hyperventilate and pass out and miss the whole thing! Oh well, if this doesn't work out, there is always acting! Usually, actors become politicians, I could do it the other way around. I could be a politician turned ACTOR! My first movie could be about a failed political campaign and the impact it had on the guys DOG! Maybe my speech writer/poster designer could write a screenplay and make the posters for the theater lobbies! She works cheap! hehehe Maya could work as my manager and line up other projects for me to do and scripts to paw through looking for the right one! I think I'll have "my people" call "their people" and set something up for July 1st right after my run just in case. Either way, win or lose, it always pays to think ahead and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! After all, there is never a LOSER, just those who DON'T WIN! hehehe PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

4/21/2012 9:50:25 AM

HI OZZIE! Thanks for the DOTD support!

Today was a good day. I played chase with mommy in the house and then she gave me a treat! Mommy's watching her cousin's bearded dragon. He hisses at me. Mommy let me sniff him and he "sniffed" me with his tongue. I think after a while, he got annoyed of me sticking my nose in and he hissed! That silly lizard hissed! AT ME! how dare he... >:( I was sun-bathing to day. Mommy came running at me and i bounced up. I may have bounced a little too quickly and i rolled a little bit down the small hill in our backyard. BOL! I'm ok though. I convinced mommy that i was emotionally disturbed so she gave me a treat. I tricked her! I chewed on one of auntie's toys. I ripped the arm off of one of her dolls. She was very mad, but mommy bought her a new one she was all better. Yep, it was a normal everyday day... On another subject: Thank you so much to all of you friends for congratulating me on DOTD! I'm so happy. Thanks! ~Your Basset Bestie, Bella <3

Come visit me, Bella

4/21/2012 12:01:52 AM

Ozzie, we love you and Aunt Nan!

I guess she doesn't mind being called Aunt Nan by us, does she? Please give her extra cuddles and Kisses from us and you take all the time you need just take care of both of you. Well things are pretty much back to normal around here. Today, Maya and I got to go to town with Mommy and Daddy to get some milk and a couple of other things. We needed to get some cat food so that meant a trip to Petco!!! Yay! We walked in behaving really nice and right off the bat we saw Lisa! She is the store manager. Right away, we got a big hi and a big hi Chewie. Not all of them remember Maya's name, They remember her, just not necessarily her name, but they all remember my name! Hmmmm I sure hope that's a good thing! hehehe She asked Mommy if it was okay and then she gave us each a treat! Boy I love that place! Just last Sunday when we went to tricks class and puppy playtime, when we were checking out with the big bunny for Maya, the girl at the register was training a new girl and she introduced me to her and told her that I was the one that Laurie (the trainer, not my Mommy) got her picture taken with for the Kiosk and Storefront.I keep telling ya, the paparazzi will show up anytime now! I can see it now, they will have me linked with every up and coming young pupplet (thats the canine version of starlet) for publicity. Maya will probably have all kinds of rumors having her dating Uggie the dog from the Artist, the Academy Award winning movie! We will probably get booked for pet store Grand Openings, maybe some fund raising for Animal Shelters, a few Magazine Covers and book offers. We will have appearances on the Today Show, GMA, Jay Leno....I bet I get asked to host SNL...me not Maya because I am funnier than her. She will be a guest on there though because she is a pretty dancer. I am the comedian in the family but Maya has more sophisticated classical type of talent. She is the Anna Pavalova of the canine set. (for those of you who don't know who she is, she is probably the most famous ballerina of all time....I googled famous ballerinas so I know this) Anyway it's gonna keep us hopping with all these personal appearances, but we will make time for our DC friends. I will even mention you guys when I give my acceptance speeches for the awards I will probably win. I believe if you're gonna dream, dream BIG!! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

Come visit me, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~ Please Pray for my Grandma!!, ~ Jackson ~ Please Pray for Grandma, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~ Grandma needs Prayers!!, Angel Anakin ~ Sprinkling my Grandma with Angel Dust

4/20/2012 8:01:56 PM

Hi Ozzie

Thanks for voting! Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, ♥ Coopie ♥, ♥ Scooby ♥, Buddy

4/20/2012 12:52:07 PM


Thanks for stopping by. I just knoticed your "Thanksgiving" picture. Hilarious! Thanks again for stopping by Bobo

Come visit me, Bobo, Friendship is Pawsome!

4/20/2012 11:17:52 AM

Thank you SO much for stopping by my page today with your dotd vote. It doesn't matter that I didn't win. I couldn't! It's been less than a year since I last won. But that's okay, because I always love when you visit! Thank you also for remembering Tiny and leaving her a vote. We recently commemorated the 3rd anniversary of her passing. Not a day goes by that mama doesn't remember her fondly and Tiny is often in her dreams. Those seem so real and are a precious treasure. It means the world to both of us that she is still remembered by all her friends here on DC. She's a very special dog! I wish I could have met her though I might have been a little jealous! I don't like sharing mama's attention. Mama says that's okay though. I am my own dog and I will make my own very different memories. Some of you may already have heard this when you stopped by on her anniversary but in order to reach all my friends tonight at such a late hour, I have to write my general thanks and appreciation. Pippin HC 11626 celebrates his 7th birthday tomorrow (18th) so we're all excited about that. Thanks to those who have already stopped by his page with birthday wishes. Personal blogs to all will follow later. Leaving a vote from me if Pippin hasn't already beaten me to it! Melian

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

4/18/2012 1:51:56 AM

Hi Ozzie

Thanks for voting every day! You are one of my many DC friends that is making Campaign Coopie a great success! Woofs, Coopie

Come visit me, ♥ Coopie ♥, ♥ Scooby ♥, Buddy

4/17/2012 6:57:02 PM

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