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Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N

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I was bought from a breeder. Mom's boss at the time had bought a poodle from the breeder lady a year or so before, and when there was a new litter, mom just had to get one. Turns out the two of us (my sister Ginger and I) are the spitting image of each other, although I am a little bigger. I'm in a book! Portion of proceeds go to pet charities. Big Sis's book, Kismet and Tell, is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites!! Check it out at I crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/21/14 Find us on Facebook @

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Hi Cinnamon

We voted for you in the Name Contest,

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2/19/2012 6:20:23 PM

Hi Cinnamone

I'm having such a fun week-end. Mom took me for a walk today and she's home with me again tomorrow. yippee!! Keep your paws crossed that I go on another one. It was pretty cold this morning. You should have seen Mom. She was all wrapped up. Hat, scarf, gloves. bol!! And there's me just strolling along in only my fur. Have a great Monday. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

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2/19/2012 6:19:31 PM

• • ♡ • • Hello Furiends • • ♡ • •

Did you have a sweet valentine's day? Ours was wonderful as Mom was full of surprises. hehe. First she pulled a bag full of new toys out of nowhere. (we loved those!) I got a pink sweater and it's so soft and cozy. I'm wearing it in my profile photo :) Then we had a little vday photo-shoot and got some pics of Yukon and me with our accessories, and the milkbone gift boxes to our sweeties. hehe. This has been a busy weekend as mom is painting her entire bedroom. It was completely white when we moved here. Mom wanted to add some color and her favorite is blue so the walls are being painted light blue with teal bathroom & closet doors and white trim. Mom is so excited and we think it's going to be very pretty! Tomorrow mom is going to Homer for some winter fun at a big hill. Her brother will be snowboarding but since mom doesn't have one *yet* she is bringing her skis. She's crazy for not bringing me with too...because without me pulling in front she's not going to get very far. Bol...We still have our 3 feet of snow and we looove it. The temp is 28°F which might seem cold but we're completely used to it. As long as you're wearing a coat and being active. Can you believe this?...Mom's dad is in the Bahamas right now. On white beaches, with shorts and sand between his toes... He's sort of on a business trip because our family owns a fishing lodge ( and some of his clients told him it was his turn to go fishing at their place. After that he'll be going to visit his family in Norway for 10 days. It has been 7 years since mom was in Norway. Half of her relatives live there but she doesn't see them often because it's so far away! Anyway, before mom's dad went on his big trip, he spent a lot of time with us and we had so much fun driving the new snowmachines we bought this winter. Mom doesn't know how everything works with them so she's been waiting to drive them til dad comes back. She's never letting him leave again with her not knowing how to run them while he's away, because it's ALL she's been wanting to do!! bol. I know I've barked your ears off now so I better run and let you recover. hehe....Just never know when the next chance will be when I can tie mom down to a chair and type my blogs out! Bol. I hope you're enjoying the weekend! Pawing a vote. Lab Licks, Peaka 0(..)0 P.S. We have pawed several votes for your entree in the Dog Nams Contest and will continue to vote for it every day we can! If you have been voting for my entree too, thank you sooo much. Every vote is very appreciated :)

Come visit me, ., .., In Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

2/18/2012 9:43:12 PM

Cinnamon! We're stopping by with a vote for you. Hope you're having a fun weekend. The weather here in New Jersey is so mild for February. I (Snickers) got to take a nice long walk today. Max had a playdate with two other dogs and he had so much fun. He is fully recovered from his surgery and as silly as ever! He likes to lay on top of me to take a nap. Mommy got a picture and will post it soon. Love, Snickers & Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

2/18/2012 7:16:02 PM

Hi Sweet Cinnamon

Hi friends! Sorry for the c/p, but I have so many blogs to catch up with. Mom has been sick all week. She stayed home from school on Monday and Thursday. First it started out with a stomach ache, then on Thursday she was throwing up. Poor mom! I tried to help by kissing her face but she didn't like it that much. On a happier note, she is feeling better now. So how was your Valentine's day? Mine was pretty good, I got to go online for a minute and blog my boyfriend Ozzie. :-) My mom's boyfriend got her some flowers, chocolate, and a really big stuffed dog holding a heart in it's mouth, hehe. I was so happy when I read your blogs referring to my greyt news about dog racing being banned in Arizona. I'm so glad you are excited about it too. :-) Today mom went to PetSmart and visited the greyhound rescue she adopted me from. The owner gave her a free calendar. It’s really cute. And mom saw a really cute brindle greyhound named Etta. Mom said she was just like me! I told her no dog could be just like me. Mom said sorry and told me I am the cutest grey she has ever seen, so I forgave her. :-) I hope you have a greyt night and sweet dreams! Love, Sparkle*

Come visit me, ♥ Sparkle* Loves Ozzie ♥ Offline, I miss my greyt friends! Love you all!

2/18/2012 6:35:09 PM

Hi Cinnamon

Glad to hear that all is well with you. Hope Big Sis got to do something special with her boyfriend. We all have the virus in our house too, but fortunately it's not that bad. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

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2/15/2012 2:11:45 PM

5,041 CINNAMON sweet gal♥

A soggy Wednesday vote and hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day ! Sorry I may have missed a blog but mom worked until 10 PM last night and just did minimum votes and went to bed! It is now a soggy Wednesday after all the frozen earth it is now MUDDY! Here is a muddy pawprint vote to YOU!

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2/15/2012 10:07:41 AM

Vote 5,040!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you got lots of belly rubs and dog-friendly candies!! Love you!! Love, Onyx♥ .

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2/15/2012 9:27:18 AM

Happy Valentine's Day. Today I went to the groomers and now I look a few pounds lighter. Mom had to put my jacket on me because I am missing my fur. When I get a trim I even change colour, I am now a light grey. Then Mom bought me a special valentine dog treat, it was good but I eat anything, it did not have to be a special shape.

Come visit me, Keshia

2/14/2012 7:14:11 PM

Happy Valentine's Day Cinnamon, Mom & Big Sis

Glad to Know You On Valentine’s Day, the day of affection, Our thoughts quickly turn in your direction. This Valentine poem is meant to show you How very glad we are to know you! By Joanna Fuchs Hugs & vote,

Come visit me, Belle & Gracie

2/14/2012 12:19:27 PM

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