~Stormy~ Happy Valentine's Day~

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Thank you everyone for the DOTD. It's perfect because it's my Dad's Birthday.


~Stormy~ Happy Valentine's Day~

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I was suppose to get a puppy but we lost our home. We had to find a rental that would allow 5 dogs. I had to give away one of my female yorkies because she was attacking all the other dogs. I decided I wanted a Shih Tzu because I had owned two before. So for our 24th anniversary and birthday presents my husband bought me Stormy. We bought her from the breeder I bought Ozzy from out of Medford Oregon.A-Team Kung Fu Shih Tzu

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Hi Stormy

Glad to hear you are doing better. I love sleeping in a big bed all that room. I can't jump up on the bed or couch, I am too small; I have stairs but I don't like to use them. I like to run up our stairs but I am afraid to come down; it so far down; so mom has to carry me down. The Yorkies probably need more time to get used to you; after all you are so cute; how could they not want to play. Here is a vote for the day. Louie

Come visit me, Louie

4/26/2007 7:26:57 AM

Hi Stormy

I am so sorry about the tick; ouch! My brother Bichon Reno had a tick once and it hurt too....I don't we get tick where I live-I sure hope not. You have a very smart mom; I am glad she knows what to do. I hope you will start feeling better and not stressig so much. I did good when I came to my new home. I think it was because my mom had my human brother sleep with a small bankie and then took it to my breeder and I slept with it. So I already had their scent. Well I will bark at you later, Louie

Come visit me, Louie

4/25/2007 9:00:30 AM

Hi Everybody!

Hi everybody, My name is Stormy. Some of you might know me by the name Sookie. It didn't fit me so my name is Stormy's Forever Odd. I really like my new home. The only thing is that Ozzy, Rosie and Summer Breeze are not being very nice to me. Nicholas really likes me. But he's huge! I'll be 9 weeks old on Wednesday. My ride home was nice. I got to go to Petsmart and my mommy bought me a toy to chew on. I was enjoying her fingers! She didn't like that very much. I think she thought that her fingers would be stumps by the time we made it home. I had my first vet check today. He said I was a keeper. I knew that but that guy has the Dr. in front of his name. I guess that made mommy feel better. She'll learn to listen to me. I hope to meet lots of new friends. Drop by and say Hi. Puppy kisses! Stormy

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4/16/2007 2:28:59 PM

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