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I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which I’ll never part. God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart. I shed tears for what might have been. A million times I've cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would of died. In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place, no one else can ever fill. It broke my heart to lose you, but you didn't go alone. For part of me went with you, the day God took you home. RIP my dear sweet Angel! I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU SO MUCH!!


♥ ANGEL GOLDIE ♥ In Memory Of 05-01-06 to 03-08-13

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Angel Goldie: 05-01-06 to 03-08-13. R.I.P. my beautiful Sweet Angel! Goldie died suddenly of a heart attack late at night on 03-08-13 between 11:30 PM and midnight. I tried CPR and couldn't revive her. An EMT friend came and couldn't either. She was my one in a million friend and companion! I will miss her always! How we met: My mom was so sad for months when her dog, Buddy, was killed by a hit & run driver. She needed a dog to heal her heart, so she looked on Petfinder.com for a long time. She found my picture and of all the dogs on Petfinder, she kept looking at me! She came a long way to meet me and almost got lost on the way. I am so glad that she didn't! She adopted me that very night! We have been inseparable ever since we met! • * • * • * • * • * • *THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR VOTING ME JANUARY 2011 DOTM!!

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Loved the gifts!!!

Thx from Hope & Oreo for coming to our page to congratulate us on our 5th anniversary. Mom didn't even realize it until we got all these blogs saying congrats. Silly, mom, she forgets a lot of special events...bol. Oreo & Hope

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5/19/2012 4:52:38 PM

Hi! Keshia here with a vote. It is a long weedend for us, because of the Queen's Birthday. The long weekend is just in time for us to plant our gardens/flowers. Mom posted a new picture - when Mom is in the garden she used to like to sit on an old bathroom mat but I would lay claim to it as soon as Mom was not looking, then I would not move. Well Mom took the mat out of the shed and put it on the chair (thinking that I would not claim the mat) but I just jumped onto the chair. Mom was surprised that I did that but its my mat not hers.

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5/19/2012 4:30:43 PM

Another midday adventure! I was just too tired last night to think about blogging. Hey, I bet you're all tired too after all these adventures! Magical or not, it's hard work riding! The silvery light of the moon is gone but instead it's a beautiful day with golden sunlight reflecting off the satin coats of the horses. And the dogs! We have our dogs with us and some are running alongside as we canter through the meadows. Others are too small and are sitting behind us keeping their balance perfectly as we navigate across streams and trees and around tiny little rabbit holes. We even have a few cats with us! They sit up front right at the base of the mane. Perfect vantage point! Uh oh, I said "rabbit!" The dogs take off looking for that bunny. Fortunately, it's mid afternoon and bunnies, unlike crazy dogs, don't go out in the hottest part of the day. The bunnies are safe. Thank you so much for your votes for Shadowfax this month. If your voting fingers are still energetic and ready for more, I'd LOVE for you to stop by the Virtual Horse Show and vote for Pippin's entry in the Amazing Grazers category. He's currently on the first page. http://www.horsechannel.com/ horse-magazines /horse-illustrated /vhs_amazing_ grazers_result.aspx (No spaces!) Voting is daily till June 30th. Leaving a sunny golden vote for you today on behalf of the silver steed. Don't miss out on the eclipse tomorrow! We have our glasses ready.

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5/19/2012 2:23:09 PM

Thank you so much!! :)

Hi Goldie! Thank you for coming by and celebrating my DOTD win with me! I had such a blast yesterday! I ate frozen peanut butter blobs (we call them chips!) and was called Dog of the Day all day by my family. Then Jazzy and I took a nice long walk in the evening! Doggy heaven! We also took a long walk this morning and now I’m tuckered out and lazily chewing on my dinosaur toy. I think I’ll take a nap soon—momma is very pleased because she wants to watch some dance on the computer. Thank you so much for voting me DOTD—you guys are just the BEST!! Chewed that votey bone of yours! :) ~Suki ♥

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5/19/2012 12:51:25 PM

Day 19 of our DOTM Run Fun Dog Facts Small dogs live the longest. Toy breeds live up to 16 years or more. Larger dogs average is 7 - 12 years. Veterinary medicine have extended this estimate by about three years. However, some breeds, such as Tibetan terrier live as long as twenty years. Thanks so much for the love, support and votes. Don't forget the dogs that are running for DOTD, they sure would appreciate your votes. Also if you have time our friends on the other channels also have there furbabies running for there May of the month badges. BOTM-Trillian 186056 COTM-Mike 161232 HOTM-Texas 209066(Maggie is his dog sis on DC) HOTM-Shadowfax 49806 THEY WOULD ALSO APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN RUN OVER WITH A VOTE FOR THEM

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5/19/2012 10:30:34 AM


Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. But Mom has been so busy trying to get all the work done outside before it gets really hot here. And since she is the only one doing it, it is getting her very tired. Hopefully when things get caught up, we can get back to blogging soon. But we are at least voting every day. We miss you all and hope you won't forget us! BOL! Have a great day! BBS. Lots of sweet Golden Kisses...

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5/19/2012 10:18:00 AM

Hi Goldie

How are you doing? I sure enjoyed going on a walk in your park with you. It looks like a beautiful place to visit. No wonder your mom likes to take you there. The walking paths are wonderful. We also loved your birthday smilebox. Your cake looked good. What kind was it? Maybe next year mom will make me a cake and not cookies. We'll I love the cookies. Our next birthday will be Sam's. I'll talk him into asking for a cake. How are you kitty siblings? I bet you have lots of fun with them. I've only met a few cats and I liked them. Mom would like one but we don't know what Apollo would be like with a kitty. I met my friend Bumble's kitty siblings. They have 6. You would never know there were that many in the house. We thought we had lots of fur kids here. They have 5 dogs and 6 cats. What have you been up to? I've been on therapy visits. I also got to go to a dog show on Mother's Day. It was so much fun. I got to see lots of my friends there. I also met a new friend. She's an Akita and wants to be a therapy dog. She's already a show dog and a service dog. Talk about an over achiever. BOL It's time for me to go to bed. Mom said she's getting tired and wants to go cuddle and watch some tv. I'm with her. Dad's still at work. Have a great weekend. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy

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5/18/2012 11:40:45 PM

Day 18 of our DOTM Run Fun Dog Fact Puppies acquire a full mouth of permanent teeth between four and seven months old Thanks so much for the love, support and votes. Don't forget the dogs that are running for DOTD, they sure would appreciate your votes. Also if you have time our friends on the other channels also have there furbabies running for there May of the month badges. BOTM-Trillian 186056 COTM-Mike 161232 HOTM-Texas 209066(Maggie is his dog sis on DC) HOTM-Shadowfax 49806 THEY WOULD ALSO APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN RUN OVER WITH A VOTE FOR THEM

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5/18/2012 12:34:17 PM

Tonight we will fly. No, Pegasus is not joining the herd. We are going to jump! The light of the moon beams is still emanating from Shadowfax and we follow on our horses as he starts picking his way down the steep cliff. Towards the bottom there is an overhanging ledge. He steps to the edge and leaps off into the night. We each follow in turn and feeling as if we are flying for an eternity, in actuality we land safely on the ground in mere seconds. A few strides later we are again flying over a large boulder. There's nothing like the exhilaration of feeling a powerful horse beneath you leaping high in the air to clear an object. With each jump we are suspended in the air and separated from mere reality. It's time to head back. Thank you so much for your votes for Shadowfax! As always, I'm leaving you a silvery vote.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

5/18/2012 1:26:19 AM

Hi Goldie,

Just dropping by to see how you have been. Our tree pollen count is steadily going up and my allergies are increasing as well. Mom gave me some vanilla ice cream the other day and I started to scratch like the dickens afterwards, so she said no more ice cream, so I'm bummed about that. Mom & dad are going to the community theater play tonight so I have to blog real fast. Mom has to get ready yet. She was busy earlier trying to make dad's birthday card and what she wanted to, she couldn't because didn't have the right paper to sand and get the distressed look, so she had to go to plan B. Of course I was downstairs supervising the project. Mom has started to ride her bike to work again and she's got to get back into shape for riding up the hill. Today she had to face the wind and she really was a puffing when she finally made it up, but she didn't have to walk the bike up, she was able to ride it, but made very slow progress. Where is your profile picture taken? It looks like a very nice area. Well mom is giving me the look, meaning it's time for me to get off the computer. Have a great night. Leaving you a vote. Shepherd hugs, Contessa

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5/17/2012 4:48:44 PM

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