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We needed a brother for Eddie, and when we got there, it was a really easy choice! ♥

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2/22/2011 5:50:41 PM

sonny sonny sonny!!!

lol... wowie! i went into shock when i saw your sweet valentiney note!!! i am truly the luckiest (and whitiest!) girl in the whole dang world! lol i am sooo happy that sweet sissy baby of your is getting her teethies! but remember! she will probably want to use you for a teething ring occassionally! lol (i would, too! if i were there! lol) guess whaty? grumpy bought a motorcycle!!! a can am spyder and it is black. mom has driven it a couple of times..she wants to get her license so she can be legal and drive that 3 wheeler wherever she wants! lol.. i sure wish i could ride on it! it has been in the 70's today and we have been laying in the came home early today and hung out with us girls..... well.. guess i need to dash! sleepy time is calling since mom gets up at 4:30.. :P i love you my sonny bunny!!! xoxoxo..sugar whitey HOT chick girl of the south!

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

2/17/2011 5:26:31 PM

Hi from the Desert Rats

Well what is that sweet lil girls name ? She is a real cutie pie. Did yo have a sweet Valentines Day ? We didn't 'do' anything but Mamma did call our skin bro and his wife, they were married 20 years on the 14th. Spring, Spring, where is it ?? Well it IS getting a bit warmer here and some of the trees are getting nice buds, so hopefully it is coming soon. We spend most of the day outside now so we haven't been online for a few days. Shih Tzu kisses,

Come visit me, Dirty Dogs on DC., The Desert Rats, The Desert Rats: Cocoa & Harley Davidson, Worst Haircut on DC

2/15/2011 5:31:01 PM

2/4/2011 11:08:55 PM

sonny sonny sonny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolol,... i am thinking you look like you need some cpr, and quickie! i am just the girlie to do the job, too! lol.... (mom always tells the guys at work that if THEY need CPR, they had better hope they have fallen close to the air hose! lolol) we are sure understanding about that little girl who has moved in and taken over your lives..she is a beautiful little thingy with HUGE feets like YOUR mamma! your mamma can NEVER tell anyone that SHE isn't that sweet pea's mamma! lol we have been missing you and wanted to send stuffies for christmas..maybe we will make up for it for mardi gras! we are going to enter the krewe of mutts parade this is praying i am not limpy or secret, either~~ the theme for the parade this year is "hooray for howlywood"! she is going to dress secret as marilyn monoe, baby is going as dorothy lamore (from the "road to" movies with bing crosby, sprinkles is going as elizabeth taylor in "cleopatra" and i am either going as lauren bacall (mom said SHE had a deep voice just like me!) or as fay ray complete with a styrofoam empire state building and a monkey.. that mom..she thinks TOO much! well.. hope to hear from you all soon!! we miss you and i will always be your girl.. (sprinkles got left behind by ozzie cause we werent on much and she is sad, but she said as long as he is happy..that is all that matters) .. :) i love you sonny bunny!!!!! xoxoxo sugar, whitey (AND COLD!!!) girl of the south

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

1/12/2011 3:47:04 PM

sonny sonny sonny!!!

you sure look like a fish in that water! i have missed your handsomey face a whole whole lot! how is your new baby sister? :) it must be nice to have one you can train from her first days into a true doggie slave! i bet she will not be able to do enough for you OR eddie! lol us girls have been doing pretty good..i am still a little limpy at times, but other than that, i am happy as usual! i have been trying to train the rescue kitty mooshie to NOT get on the counters or other thingies which MIGHT get broken or cause mom to have a heart attack... lol,..we sure don't need that!!! we are waiting for midnight tonight to see elcipse! yay! it sure is about time they put that onto tv!!! well..grumpy is growling so i guess we had better get off for now.. i miss you sonny bunny and we love you all!!! xoxoxo sugar.. ps.s.s.s. i am leaving you some porkchop gumbo just for you!

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

12/3/2010 7:37:36 PM

Hi Sonny

I love the picture of you and Ilia. I know you just love her to pieces. Hope you and Eddie have a great week-end. Leaving you a vote bud. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Angel Scooby #176110 July DOTM!, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

11/5/2010 5:27:51 PM

oh my

we saw that photo of you and little Ilia. what a cute pair. you and Eddie are such good fur siblings. all our love, hugs and prayers, always, Rufus and momma Kay


11/4/2010 6:48:34 PM

Hi Eddie,Sonny,Matie, Auntie Christal & Wee Ilia!

Vote 2585:) Love your main photo and the picture of you with your sweet Ilia. Rain today and damp..good weather for ducks and slugs! No playtime for us outside:( Sharing an Ice Cream Bar with you and Eddie & sending Golden Kisses and Love from Brie,Ty,Bentley and Auntie Sandy

Come visit me, . ♥ .

11/4/2010 2:01:30 PM

Vote 2,583 From Woody

Hi Sonny! I saw your name on a furriends page and decided to stop by and say hello. Would you like to be friends? My name is Woody and I am a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from NY who loves to play with squeaky toys and chase butterflies. Leaving a vote and lots of Cavi Cuddles...Woody

Come visit me, Woody - *HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY JULY 13TH!*

10/30/2010 11:31:04 AM

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