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Dear DC Friends, I am very sad that we lost four sweet friends: Angels: Ginger, Zeus, Shotgun & Chip last month. Love & Hugs from Roxie



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Was lucky to get such a cute Jack Russell Terrier from a friend of my cousin Tanis who has 2 JRT'S. Roxie was brought to me on Christmas Eve 2005. Roxie is a rough coated Jack Russell Terrier.

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Hey Roxie!

My wife's name is Sable, and she's a lab like me! But she's purebred, not me. He he! We have two kids. Bailey a girl we virtually adopted, and Maxwell whom Sable virtually gave birth to. I see a dog wants to maybe have a relationship with you! Good luck! He seems like a good guy! Bark back soon! Rosco!

Come visit me, Rosco & Cricket

5/31/2009 8:28:41 PM


I've never thought of a lab.A german sheperd defanitly,but i was thinking a collie or border collie some dog like that.

Come visit me, Bandit, Blaze, Fang, Sally

5/31/2009 7:39:45 PM

Hey Roxie!

I'M BACK! I missed you too. Ya, sorry I'm already dating someone, married actually. I could never forget you! I'm sure you'll find the perfect guy! I could help too! Children? There are 3 here. 13,20 and 22. It's funny that you're a JRT and you have a littermate named Russel! Here's a vote! I didn't actually go on the camping trip, but my littermate wasn't here to help me type, so I couldn't get on. Bark back soon! Rosco!

Come visit me, Rosco & Cricket

5/31/2009 12:38:35 PM


how are you this fine sunday? left you a vote to make it better! i've been bothering mom and dad with jumping, pawing.... mom's the person who does all my DC stuff. Daddy and I usually sit next to her and "advise", you know. We look at photos of my friends! he just loves your coat! no human kids here. there are 3 kitties, though. they are kind of old. mom and dad brought them from korea 10 years ago! they sure like the life here in the US. they are more american then korean at this point, i think. oh, don't worry about JR's not writing back to you. My buddy Snickers (pit bull) was one of the first few i blogged, I heard from him just a few days ago. Some never have! it happens. You are doing great in DC and we all love you here. hugs and kisses from me!

Come visit me, Daisy & Duke

5/31/2009 12:10:44 PM


I just dropped by to give you a vote and a doggy bone.

Come visit me, Bandit, Blaze, Fang, Sally

5/31/2009 8:29:35 AM

kaley corgi sunday & merry month of may thanks

*** first of all, thank you for saying hi and being good pals here with me on dc...sure was fun running for may dotm and as all good things come to a close, so must this experience. Was fun hearing about everyone's daily news, even if it was not all cheerful ... sometimes things happen and we get tummy aches etc..... but we all manage and life is life and we do have great pals here .... i hope at least a few of you continue to say hi at least now and then...or come by to check on news or see which new pup is kaley's pup pal of the week ...lots have been dc pups!!!!!!!!!! have a great rest of Sunday....the very merry merry last day of may.. leaving you forever flowers to enjoy forever..... http://www.procreo. jp/labo/flower_garden.swf *** kaley corgi kisses : ) --- sooo many clubs, so lil time, ehhee...are you gonna join it...

Come visit me, &hearts KaLEy #44263 RN OJP CL1

5/31/2009 8:16:35 AM

Hey Roxie!

Hey Roxie it's Ginger! I just wanted to let you know that the best thing about the Senior/Puppy Buddy Connection Program is that you get to choose if you want a boy OR a girl! I hope you find a great buddy, ~Ginger~

Come visit me, • Ginger The Aussie •, • The Female Dog Club of DC •, Pepper ♠ Brett

5/31/2009 7:24:24 AM


I just dropped by to give you a vote. i hope you have a fun and safe summer!

Come visit me, Bandit, Blaze, Fang, Sally

5/30/2009 8:58:55 PM

hi again

hmm, not sure what club you are talking bout, a female dog club ?????? i do not belong to lots of clubs here but there are clubs for all sorts of fun things...takes lots of work to do clubs so i do not do one on dc.....what club are you joining??? you can ask the club members questions of their club...kc kisses : )

Come visit me, &hearts KaLEy #44263 RN OJP CL1

5/30/2009 5:45:27 PM


My weekend is going great! we just had a long walk and I had some scrambled eggs, my favorite!! I got to take a picture at the firehouse on my walk, too. It was exciting to be in front of the big fire trucks. I only have seen them as they drive by making lots noise before! I am sure you will have a BF on DC in no time. It took me a month. the longer you wait, the better man you get, i'm convinced! I was rejected by a Boxer before but we are friends and we talk once in a while. enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you again later. daddy's kind of tired so mom will probably be back on DC tonight after he falls asleep!

Come visit me, Daisy & Duke

5/30/2009 5:42:27 PM

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