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Miss Scarlett

Pomeranian | FEMALE | 25 YEARS OLD | Baton Rouge, LA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 15, 2006


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Miss Scarlett

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How We Met?

My Vet called me and told me about this 13 year old Pomeranian that had health problems and her owners daughter brought her in to be put to sleep. I said I would foster her until we could find her a home. That was on a friday, on Monday I called my vet to say she had a home with me. We fell in love with her and she had such a rough life before us, that my husband or I couldn't let her go. She began life with a puppy mill,after she couldn't have anymore puppies they had her fixed and sold her cheap. Then she got breast tumers and a hurneya, those people were going to put her to sleep. A older lady heard about her and paid the bill to have her fixed and took her home. After a few years the lady got sick and had to have a caregiver take care of her. The caregiver didn't like dogs so locked Miss Scarlett up in a bathroom without even a blanket for a year. Scarlett wouldn't eat so the vet checked her out and she had a broken jaw so she lost all of her teeth and part of her jaw. Then shortly afterward the ladies daughter put her mom in a home and wouldn't take Scarlett. That is when my Vet. called me. Scarlett had two more surgeries on her hind legs but it didn't help. So we carryed her aroung and got her a wheelchair. Sad to say: Miss Scarlett passed away last Tuesday in her Daddy's arms watching T.V. We will miss her but are happy for the time we had with her. If you ever have the chance to love an older, or handicapped pet it is hard but love makes it worth it.

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