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Poodle, Miniature | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Surprise, AZ

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 30, 2008


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How We Met?

Wow, it's such a sad but wonderful story. My Grandma has a cockapoo that I absolutly LOVE!! When My Husband, Mom, and I moved into our house I wanted to get a dog and I wanted to get a cockapoo because I know a lot about the breed and like I said, my Grandma has one I love to death. Well one day my husband and I were looking on the Arizona Craigslist and we found this woman who was selling her cockapoo for $50. Unfortunantly she did not have any pictures of the dog so my husband and I decided just to get in the car and go see him. We drove quite a ways but I really wanted this dog. When we got there we pulled up to this house that was dirty and had cats all around it, and I mean a lot of cats. Then we saw this little girl with this dog in her arms. It wasn't the dog I wanted (look wise) but he was still very cute and handsome. When we got out of the car the little girl said "this is Nemo" and she handed him to me. I could immediatly tell that he had been abused and I could not, WOULD NOT, leave that house empty handed. Even though he wasnt exactly what I had in mind I fell in love and we gave her the money. The day after I called ASPCA on her because she mentioned that she had a whole bunch of other animals in her house. When we first brought Nemo home he wouldn't go around my husband, he would snip at the cats, and he was very timid and scared. A week later his tail got out from between his legs and he was as friendly and playful as could be. Now he loves EVERYONE, even the cats. He is my little prince in fur.

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