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Pepsi (R.I.P)

Rhodesian Ridgeback | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Jasper, GA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 20, 2007


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Pepsi (R.I.P)

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How We Met?

I was a stray, so i was wandering in the woods, when I found a house were there was a bunch of people. It turns out, the people were having Cowboy Church. I stayed for a while, and found this great Pepsi bottle. I flipped that bottle so much, I'd toss it in the air and then catch it. I was so loud that when the people started praying, THEY PRAYED FOR ME! Well, long story short...I went home with my new family, met my new siblings, and went to the vet. Turns out, I had every worm know to man. But, my family loved me and got me all better. Now I have two doggy siblings, my own people, and LOTS of doggy friends. Pepsi had a tragic accident when she ate some stuff on the floor. It became stuck in her intestence and had to be surgicly removed. Pepsi came home 2 weeks later where I slept with on the pull out couch. Pepsi's last night was spent at home. She is now burried at a friends house in the woods where she can look at the sky all she wants.

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