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Rottweiler | MALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Upper Marlboro, MD

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 28, 2009


My owner just created a new home page for me.


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well Sam belonged to another man and he felt like a grandpa to me and he died of lung cancer he had left his precious little dog Sam alone he was depressed so we took him in and he got better really fast. I'm not the owner he is more of a family dog

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Ivy          **PLEASE HELP ME TO REACH 700 VOTES**

Ivy **PLEASE HELP ME TO REACH 700 VOTES** DAILY DOG NEWS!! Good morning fellow doggies! Me and my brother, Amos, are starting a weekly newsletter to keep everyone up on the world wide dog news! If you have anything you would like us to add to the newsletter please feel free to contact either me or Amos! First off, we would like to congratulate Gaby #210570 on being the Dog of the Day! Go congratulate Gaby on her big win! We would also like to make all the sick puppies feel just a little bit better this month by visiting them and telling them how much they are loved. Go to the Paw Prayers page #184327. All you furry friends better watch out this summer. Please be aware of all the things that can poison you, here are some of them... Foods (chocolate, xylitol, and grapes/raisins Insecticides Mouse and rat poison Human drugs Fertilizers Veterinary Pain Relievers (don't overdose!) Those are only some of the poisonous examples, there are many more! So don't go sneaking some food from your owner's plate, you never know if it is poisonous!! Here are some pages you may want to check out! Doggone Good Treats #215306

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