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Minnesota Missie's ♥ OFF & ON

Shih Tzu | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | St. Michael, MN


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Minnesota Missie's ♥ OFF & ON

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-For Short , We Go By M&M's , Otherwise , Feel Free To Call Us The Minnesota Missie's!- ♥ Kinzie : After our 2 1/2 year search we finally found Kinzie! Kinzie was bought at "Royal Palm Shih Tzu" And only had one sibling, named Lexi. Her parents were Robert (Bob) And Meiko. Someone else wanted Kinzie, But then they wanted Lexi. So Mommy drove ALL the way down to Harlan, Iowa to get me! Right after Mom got me, Mommy got a email saying the people who bought Lexi now wanted me! I dont live with my biological sister but I have a new sister that I love very much! ♥ -Kinzie Is The Cream Colored Shih Tzu!- ♥ Lolly Lu : Lolly's breeder (http://www.royalpalmshihtzu.com/i ndex.html) is the exact same breeder as Kinzie's, and we are very close to the breeder, Amber, so I constantly am getting updated and checking the site about any changes - so on August 3rd, 2010, Amber informed me that she had another litter of puppies! I browzed through the pups and instantly fell for Lolly. We went to get her the week of October 20th-21st. She's a wonderful addition and we love her very much! ♥ -Lolly Is The Dark Colored Shih Tzu!-

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