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Siberian Husky | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | houston, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 7, 2008


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How We Met?

Nakita’s story On Christmas Eve my mom and my sister went shopping for presents. My mom and my sister went to a pet store to look. There was a teenager and his girl friend. He was holding a tiny Siberian husky puppy. (The only reason they were getting rid of her was because they already got a rottweiler puppy just days before and the stupid retailer pup would put Nakita's whole head in its mouth and shake her like a rag-doll) He said she was one-day-to-young to go to the window with the other puppies. So she would have to go to quarantine with about of yelling screaming kids in a dirty room. He said he couldn’t put her in there. My sister begged but mom said you're grand parent wouldn’t take her. So they called them on the phone and they said no .But then we brought Nakita-puppy to be house. So I ran out-side to see what was going on. I thought she was a cat! Mom told me about as we brought her inside. My grandmother said she was scared .No1She just tired my mom said. “You're going to have to ask you're grandfather.” my grandmother said they put Nakita in my arms and we went outside to the backyard where my grand father was chopping wood for the wood stove. I begged him. He ignored me. I got closer. I begged again. He ignored me again. I begged and finally he said 'KEEP THE GOD D*** THING! I finally had a dog!

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