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Brutus & Buckeye

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | ..., MO

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Brutus & Buckeye

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How We Met?

Buckeye: Our family decided on getting a puppy. We could only get a hypoallergenic dog, so we looked in to getting several dog breeds. Malteses, Coton De' Tuelars, Whippets. There were a lot of dogs to choose from, but we couldn't find one that fit us. Our veternarian called us one night a reccomended the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. We looked them up and thought their pictures were just adorable. We knew that we wanted one of these dogs. On February 17, 2006 we met Buckeye at a breeder. He was 12 weeks old, the last Wheaten of his litter there and looking for a new home. We couldn't just leave him, so that day, we brought him in to our home. Brutus: When Buckeye was three, we thought that we should get him a sibling. We had already knew that we wanted another Wheaten. We checked in with the breeder that we got Buckeye at, but he was not expecting more Wheaten's for a few months. We were out of luck until we thought of another breeder that we visited before we brought Buckeye home. We called and they luckily had three 7 week old male Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers there. On December 21, 2008 we brought Brutus home.

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