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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Orlando, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 22, 2008


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How We Met?

Baxter was originally supposed to be the quest and purchase of a German Shepherd. We looked all over the internet and in the local paper, for a breeder but to no avail. One day in a long and faraway place (5miles down the road) we stopped at a local pet store “just to look”. They had a German Shepherd puppy, but there was also a cute fluffy soft dog that looked something like a lamb and a llama. Well the lamb looking dog won us over….We took one look at him and mom’s heart was stolen. The breeder told us that he was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. We never heard of this breed, but he was soooooo soft and playful that we decided to go home and think about it. As soon as we got home we searched the internet and we fell in love with the pictures of the puppies. They all looked like little Boyd Bears. Mom being the researcher that she is found a local breeder within the same hour. We had a plan, we decided were going to “just go and look”…even though we had enough cash on us to buy him. We were “just looking”… and the other part of the plan was to negotiate a lower price. However, after one look at Baxter and we were sold! We never even mentioned the price; we just scooped him up and left as fast as we could!! Somehow we had the idea that anyone with a puppy this cute couldn’t possibly part with it! So…we were off and running with our new addition!!

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