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Ursula~ It Means She Bear

Vizsla | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Houston, TX



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Ursula~ It Means She Bear

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How We Met?

Well, on my way into work at Petco, I saw some dogs for sale through S.A.F.E. House Rescue. An Acronym which stands for Saving Animals Through Euthanasia. I was eyeballing this one particular skinny but pretty energetic red dog. I went to pet her, and she would have licked me to death, of the coordinator hadn't come over to greet us! She said she was only avaliable for fostering, not adoption, because of her past. I read her little sigh posted on her pen. She was about 1 and a half years old, and was picked up with a litter of puppies. All were Heartworm Positive and undergoing treatment as of right now. She has been to several foster homes, and couldn't seem to fit in. She had no manners, chewed and shredded things, and was food and toy possessive. And was also a Dominant Female, and did best with her being the family's own dog, and no cats, or small kids because she liked to jump up on people. Oh, well I thought. I would have like to have a dog again, since my Dalmation of 10 years has just passed about a year prior to that day. And I really liked the short easy to groom coat. I went home and told my roomate about her, and he was kinda partial to readheads, so the next weekend we went to check her out. Of course it was love at first sight! But we could only foster her for the required trial of 2 weeks in our small 2 bedroom apt. And they added she would do better in a house that had a yard. It worked out great, because we were in the proceess of looking for a house, found one and were closing on it soon. We had to convince the coordinator that we were not first time dog owners, and could handle her, and would walk her everyday. It worked, and it took almost the whole 2 weeks for her to turn around and behave better. She got better, and we officially adopted her on October 29, 2004 just before Halloween. And soon thereafter, we closed on a new house. She has adjusted wonderfully, and recently we got a new puppy! A big Red Female Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy *please see other profile, I have two red dogs now* :) which she can play with, and their energy levels match, and this helps her get some of her energy out. She can have another dog in the house after all! And another Female at that...

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