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West Highland White Terrier | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | old bridge, NJ

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 27, 2011


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How We Met?

Well I used to work at a pet store where I looked after the puppies; cleaning up after them, making sure they had clean water, feeding them when it was time for dinner and all that wonderful stuff. There was a westie there who had "Westie Jaw" and was kept in the back away from all the other puppies as the shop owner and shop vet were trying to figure out what do to with her. The animal lover that I am, I would come home crying to my mom that there was a little westie that was sick and whenever I heard her scream when she tried to open her mouth, the sound would just tear me apart. At one point, the vet was at the point of giving up and saying that there was nothing they could do for this little puppy and ultimately were going to put her to sleep. Of course after hearing that, I would not allow such a thing to happen. After much begging and crying to my parents, we ended up taking the sick puppy for free. We took her to my own vet who this was the first case of "westie jaw" she had seen though did her best to help us out; which she did a lovely job. After much medicine and months later, the Westie Jaw disappeared and the little westie was all better!!! Now, little Coconut, 3 years later, is living a happy and healthy life in my family and is enjoying the company of my older dog Chloe; who is basically her best friend.

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