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Yorkshire Terrier | FEMALE | 10 YEARS OLD | E. Setauket, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 7, 2009


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After our last pet died my husband forbid any more dependents....I was brought up on a farm and that rule didn't sit well with me but I really tried to comply. Lasted 4 years until I found out there was a wonderful breeder 2 miles away. I made arrangements to see the litter she just put on the market...after 2 martinis I went to see what she had. There were only 3 in the pen and none conected with me...terribly disappointed. The breeder, Caroline mentioned one other pup that she had to keep away from her littermates because she was so small and the others beat up on her. Caroline brought her to me and immediately there was a bond. She just jumped in my lap and licked my face and just about begged for me to take her out of there...which I did forthwith! But now what to do with the husband? I went to the pet shop with the pup and got all the food and supplies needed including a crate and put her in my home office where she was quite at home. After supper I told my husband I need to have a talk with him...and he responded with a "WHAT NOW". After he sat in his easy chair I said...."I haven't gotten the love and affection that I deserve and I found somebody else"! Well...he thought his world fell apart. We have been married for 48 years at that time. Then he comes up with "What about me?" I said.."I'll introduce you". He cried out.."You're crazy"! With that I got the pup and put her in his lap where she ran right up his chest to his ear and started to nurse on his ear! Needless to say he fell in love. I gave him the privledge of naming her and she is now known as MAGGIE. He is a real sucker for this dog who is now 3 years old...He takes her for long rides in the golf cart, long walks....and an extra bonus..Maggie is a "chick magnet"! He sits outside the store while I shop for shoes and when I come out there are 6 woman petting his puppy. Guess I can live with that.

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