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Diego/59384~ Hi Buddies, I've missed you all...

Yorkshire Terrier | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Brooklyn, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 29, 2008


My owner just created a new home page for me.

Diego/59384~ Hi Buddies, I've missed you all...

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How We Met?

Happened to be at an exotic pets store just passing the time - not looking for a pet at all, my husband has allergies, when I saw these tiny little guys in a cage. I picked up one of them and played for a few minutes, put her back and went about my way. The next few days all I could think about was this puppy - and how she needed me to rescue her. (I had seen a girl puppy first, my Diego was curled up in a ball w/his brother so I had not seen him). Finally I convinced my husband to go back to the store w/me. When we got there the female puppy was in the back, she wasn't feeling well. The store owner insisted I look at another puppy, her brother. Now the 2 brothers were up and the one he handed to me was the cuter of the two. He immediately curled up into a ball that fit in my palm and never even flinched. It was love!! I never put him down again and he went home w/me that night. He was 2 months old then, he's 4 years old now. I absolutely adore him and it's been one of the best things I've ever done. He's a perfect addition to my family.

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