Clumber Spaniel

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Fast Facts

Country of Origin:France
AKC Group:Sporting Group
UKC Group:Gun Dog
Use today:Retrieving trials, spaniel field trials
Life Span:10 to 15 years
Color:White with lemon or orange markings.
Coat:Body coat is dense, straight and flat. Feathering on ears, legs, belly and tail.
Grooming:Brush weekly.
Size:Large Dog Breed
Height:17 to 20 inches at the shoulder
Weight:55 to 85 pounds

The Clumber is the slowest and heaviest of the spaniels. Its ancestors are believed to be the Basset Hound and a spaniel of continental origin. A French nobleman, the Duc de Noailles, created the breed. At the time of the French Revolution (1789), the Duc's dogs were transferred to the kennels of the Duke of Newcastle at his Clumber Park estate. There the dogs continued to be bred, becoming known as Clumber Spaniels. They were valued as sturdy gundogs, capable of working in dense undergrowth and particularly suited to the portly sportsman who hunted on foot. For a time, the breed enjoyed some popularity as a field trial competitor before the speedier sporting breeds took over. The Clumber is a long, low, heavyset fellow, powerful but sedate. Males weigh from 70 to 85 pounds, females from 55 to 70 pounds. The straight and silky coat is white marked with lemon or orange. The coat sheds moderately, but frequent brushing will keep it in condition. The massive head has deep-set eyes and close, hanging ears. Both should be examined frequently and gently cleaned as needed. The Clumber is at home in either a suburban or country setting where it can be exercised regularly. This breed is a faithful and endearing family pet with a calm manner.


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