Doggie Friendships that are Simply the Best

August 3, is National Friendship Day! We're celebrating with adorable dog friendships everyone needs to see.

By | Posted: August 3, 2014, 5 a.m. PST

In Honor of National Friendship Day, we’re sharing a roundup of the best doggie friendships we have posted this year.

We had so many adorable friendships to choose from, we had to break it down into categories. We've given you just a "snipit" of the cuteness, so click on the links to see more pictures and watch the videos of our friendship finds.

Dog and Baby Friendships

We’ve seen a lot of dog and baby/toddler friendships so far this year and really what’s not to love about those. It’s the quintessential idea of man’s best friend in its earliest and purist form.

1. Eisleigh and Clyde

You haven’t seen cute until you’ve seen this. We literally can’t get enough of this adorable duo, a 10-week-old baby girl and her 8-week-old Pit Bull BFF.

Eisleigh and Clyde


More photos and a video of  Eisleigh and Clyde>>


2. 6 Insanely Cute Videos of Dogs and Babies Kissing

It's pretty much fact that dogs and babies give the best and cutest kisses. So what happens when you put them both together? The internet is likely to break down in an overload of "aww." These kisses are so epically cute that we can only assume they are being placed into the heartwarming hall of fame.

Here's one to give you an idea of just how cute this is. 


Watch the Dog Kissing Baby Videos>>

3. Zoe and Jasper

If you didn’t want a dog or a baby before, you will probably want to get your hands on one of each after viewing these photos.

Zoey and Jasper


More Photos of Zoey and Jasper>>


4. "Steadfast Stanley”  

Because everyone needs a loyal dog in a zombie apocalypse.


More Videos of Stanley and His Best Bud>>


5. Cooper and Carson. Missing 3-Year-Old is Safe at Home Thanks to the Family Dog

More proof the dog is man's (and little boy's) best friend.


Cooper and Carson


Read the Amazing Rescue Story>> 


Dog Friends

Dogs are amazing and loving creatures to people, other pets and to each other.

6. Jonie and Chahi

Jonie the Pit Bull and Chachi the Chihuahua were strays. Not only were the two traveling together, but Jonie carried her tiny, injured friend around in her mouth, stopping to lick Chahi's wounded eye. If that's not friendship, we don't know what is.


Jonie and Chahi


See More Photos and Read Jonie and Chachi's Story>>

Unusual Friendships

These dogs have found friendship in some unexpected places.

7. 5 Videos of the Most Unlikely Friendships You've Ever Seen

This might be the most adorable friendship I have ever seen. This hound dog and Orangutan are the best buddies ever.

 Video Roundup: 5 Interspecies Friends >> 


8. Ruuxa the Cheetah and Raina the Rhodesian Ridgeback

These two baby animals are forming an unlikely and insanely cute friendship at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Dog and Cheetah

More Photos and a Video of the Dog and Cheetah Pair>> 

9. Charcoal and His Best Friend, a Bottomless Red Bucket.

Some friendships are less traditional, we don’t judge.


More About Charcoal and His Bucket Friend>>


10. Why the Long Face? Your Best Friend is a Dog. 4 Magical Friendships

These horses know who to turn to.


See all 4 Magical Horse and Dog Friendships>>


Man’s Best Friend

We can't complete our list of best friendships without including the most classic and treasured friendship of all.

11.   Soldier Reunited with Military Dog After 4 Years at War

It may have been 4 years since they were last together, but for this pair it feels like just yesterday.


Military Dog


Watch this Touching Reunion>>


12. Homeless Man's Life Changed by a Dog 

From homeless to artist, John Dolan opened his heart to a dog who would turn his life around.


John Dolan


Meet John and George>>

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More Tails of Amazing Dog Friendships




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