11 Soccer Playing Dogs Who Wish They Were in the the World Cup

With the World Cup starting, we decided to take a look at some dogs that have impeccable control and amazing abilities with a soccer ball.

By | Posted: June 12, 2014, 5 a.m. PST

Get ready for the World Cup with these amazing soccer playing dogs!

1. Jack looks like a young Cristiano Ronaldo when he does his moves with his tiny soccer ball. He works around defenders —though only potted plants — with ease.  

2. Diesel can certainly use his head. With a cross from another dog into the box, Diesel is surely going to finish with a goal.

3. This German Shepherd Dog can move like the Flash. He can be used to make a spectacular run on a through ball.  


4. What is a team without a little defense? This black Lab shows fantastic ball control and patience.

5. Dylan looks like another fantastic soccer player with the ball control needed on the defensive side of the field.  

6. Siili, although small in stature, has charisma to boost team morale. This Pomeranian shows the utmost joy being out there on the pitch.

7. I think we found the goalie for the team. This dog shows incredible paw-eye coordination.

8. Here we have dogs already putting in extra practice for their chance to make the roster.

9. Kipper Mac shows incredible ball-handling skills, as well as being able to header the ball with ease. He would be a great addition to a soon-to-be high-powered offense.

10. Holly has shown some unbelievable ability to juggle the ball with her head. Once again, this would be great on the offensive when there is a cross into the box.

11. Last, but certainly not least, we have another all-star defender rounding out an absolutely devastating roster of World Cup-caliber dogs.

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