22 Things to Remember on Take Your Dog to Work Day

The one day where "working like a dog” is actually pretty great.

By | Posted: June 19, 2014, 5 a.m. PST

For those of you dog owners and aficionados not in the know, Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Hooray!

Did Somebody Say Friday

If you ask us, every day should be Take Your Dog to Work Day. Alas, most of us only get one precious day to share our work spaces with our best canines friends, so we have to use it for all it’s worth. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your work day with your pup, and ensuring that he has a terrific time.

1. Wake up early so you have enough time to get yourself and your dog ready for the big day. Although, your dog might be ready to go sooner than you are.
Good Morning

2.  If you have two or more dogs, for simplicity’s sake, you should probably choose just one to take to work with you. Eeny-meeny-miney-moe works well in these situations.
Daddy has to Work

3. Be prepared for your other dog(s) to feel left out. A promise of a treat when you get home might do the trick.

Can't Work

4.  Now it’s time to leave for work! Pro tip: You’ll probably want to do the driving.
Can't Explain


5. Your dog will probably be very excited on the drive over. Be prepared to help him calm down. Ah, if only you could get that excited for work.
Are We There Yet


6. Once you’re at work, get your dog settled in the office right away. It’ll help him feel more at home.

Empty Cubicle
7. Then, give your dog a small job to do. Dogs like to feel useful.
Tennis Ball Advice

8. You might even want to consult him on any projects you’re working on. He might surprise you.

9. Although, don’t give him to much work too quickly. This is his first day at work, after all!
No Idea
10. Do you work with numbers? Your dog might be able to help. Glasses will help inspire confidence in his skills.
I Did the Math
11. Then again, maybe not. Don’t feel bad, doggie. Math’s not our forte, either.
I Dunno
12. The trick is to find a job for your dog that plays off his natural talents... And maybe spelling might not be one of them.  
Going to the Park
13. Seriously, though, your dog is smarter than you think. He got you to take him to work -- that’s pretty smart, right?
Thinking Cat
14. Is your dog a people-person? Maybe he can help answer phones. Talk about a "ruff” job.
Help Desk
15. Or he could help you tackle a few of your emails. Those things do tend to pile up.
16. Need help with online research? Your dog might be able to do that for you, too. He’s got your back.
17. Just be sure not to leave him alone with anything that’s TOO important. Supervision is key!


18. No matter what your dog does at work, you definitely want to find something for him to occupy his time. Otherwise, you’ll see a lot of this.
Whatcha Doin
19. And this. Yep.
Whatcha Doing
20. How do you know when to call it a day? Look to your dog for signals. It’s tiring helping you at work all day.
21. Don’t forget a nice treat for a job well-done. Or a pat on the head ... oh, who are we kidding? Brings lots of tasty treats.
22. Phew! Work is over. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the work day with your dog -- and enjoying it, too! You both deserve a reward.
Working Like a Dog


Take Your Dog To Work Day: Slightly More Serious Tips, Tricks and Essential Advice>>



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