Exercise With Your Dog

Naturally Prepared

Check out these seven holistic ways to ready dogs for performance.

Tips for Weekend Travel With Dogs

A dog trainer offers tips to make weekend travel with dogs fun and stress-free.

Dogs as Man's Best Friends

Who is a good listener, stress reliever, and empty-nest filler all in one furry package? Your dog.

Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

5 simple ways to spend more quality time with your dog.

Dog Frisbee Fun

Got a Frisbee-crazy dog? Try the exciting sport of flying disc.


Tales Along the Trails

Trail running with your dog is an exciting adventure.

Surfing With Your Dog

Grab your board and your dog for a great ride.

Skiing With Your Dog

Share the fun activity of skiing with your dog.

Go Canoeing or Kayaking With Your Dog

A kayak or canoe gives new meaning to "doggie paddle."

Dog Parks Galore

Read up on one of your favorite dog parks, explore a few new romping grounds, and learn how to start your own dog park.


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