Exercise With Your Dog

Cold-Weather Conditioning for Your Dog

How to keep your dog in shape during the winter.

Troubleshooting in Dog Agility

Reinforcement is the key to consistent success.

How to Choose Safe Dog Toys

The size, materials, and design of your dog’s toys matter when it comes to her safety.

How to Train a Dog to Talk

Will the real-life dogs in TV and movies soon be replaced by technology?

American Pit Bull Terrier Weight Pulling

Weight pulling exercises keep American Pit Bull Terriers at peak condition but is not a popular activity among many owners.


Activities for You and Your American Pit Bull Terrier

There are many games and acitivities for your American Pit Bull Terrier that will be fun and provide great learning experience.

Dog Breed Traits Quiz

Decipher your mixed-breed dog’s behavior to learn what breeds he may be.

Make Your College Dog-Friendly

Tips for petitioning school administrators to consider a dog-friendly campus.

Conquer Teeter Fear in Dog Agility

Creative ways to take the fear out of this scary dog agility obstacle.

Welcome to DogTown USA™ 2008

Colorado Springs, Colo., takes dog-friendliness to new heights.


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