Exercise With Your Dog

How Dog-Friendly Is Your Town?

Answer a few questions about your hometown to find out where it ranks.

What It Takes to Be a Dog Actor

Find out from the pros what it takes to have your dog appear in movies, theater, or on TV.

Rising to the Challenge in Agility

Agility training Beagles

Agility Weave-Pole Wisdom

Make this difficult obstacle easier for you and your dog.

Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide

Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition.


America’s Best Dog Parks of 2008

The country’s first "green” dog park takes top prize.

Teaching Your Dog Agility Circle Work

Your dog may have mastered agility obstacles, but how well does he handle the flatwork inbetween?

Heavy Duty!

Weight-pulling dogs compete in Oceanside, Calif.

Judging Local Dog Shows

Judges know dogs, but what if they know their exhibitors?

Tips for Traveling on the Road with Your Dog

Follow these travel tips when bringing your four-legged friend into your four-wheel drive.


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