Exercise With Your Dog

Building a Dog Agility Team

Sue Nettleton and her dogs went from couch potatoes to agility competitors.

Everyday Dog Heroes

Meet 3 brave dogs who make a difference.

Dog Park Safety

Follow these practical tips for a positive day at the dog park.

Through the Dog Photographer’s Lens

See what drives pet photographer Amanda Jones to capture the perfect shot.

Behavior Chains in Agility

Are you training your dog or is your dog training you?


Small but Mighty Agility Dogs

Although short in stature, diminutive agility dogs pack a punch.

Stop! In the name of control

In agility, do running contacts hurt or harm your dog's chances of winning?

Full-Body Awareness in Agility

Try these agility exercises to heighten your dog's full-body awareness.

Agility Feedback Foibles

During agility, use clear signals and feedback to create solid behaviors in your dog.

Running With a Dog

Just like other forms of exercise, running with a dog requires training and preparation.


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