Dog Games

Safely Using Dog Costumes

Prioritize safety when picking out and using a holiday costume for your dog.

8 Tips for a Safe Halloween With Your Dog

Dogs take part more and more in the evening's fun. Learn how to keep them safe.

The Name Game

From the sentimental to the just plain wacky, the reasons people pick dog names are as diverse as the names themselves.

America’s Best Dog Parks of 2009

These top dog parks make us want to get out and play.


Some dogs just love the water.


Playtime with Your Dog

Your dogs playtime serves multiple benefits for both you and your dog.

Dog Toys

Finding the right dog toy for your dog's needs.

Dog Weddings on the Rise

Canine weddings provide dog owners with fun options for their pets’ special day.

What It Takes to Be a Dog Actor

Find out from the pros what it takes to have your dog appear in movies, theater, or on TV.

Chew-Proof Dog Toys

Got a serious chewer? View a photo slide show of 10 chew-resistant dog toys built to last.


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