Dog Parks Galore

Read up on one of your favorite dog parks, explore a few new romping grounds, and learn how to start your own dog park.

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How to Start a Dog Park
Follow these seven steps to secure your own off-leash dog park.

Dog Park Safety 
Follow these practical tips for a positive day at the dog park.

Dog Parks: Then and Now
What you need to know to build one in your city.

Are Dog Parks Safe?
Help your dog play it safe at the dog park by following these guidelines.


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Catherine   Lockport, NY

7/11/2010 5:22:54 PM

This didn't happen at a dog park. It happened at a walking path where leashes are required! Some irresponsible owner let their dog run all over without a leash and it attacked my puppy who was only about 5 pounds at the time. I was so scared! I grabbed him and thank god he was okay. The owner yelled at ME saying I should "chill out". Sorry but I don't need my puppy being attacked while I'm on a walk with him, just because they don't want to have their dog on a leash. Glad to say I never saw them back again!

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Victor   Bronx, NY

5/26/2010 3:34:14 PM

I know how most of you feel about doggie parks. and i feel the same way,I had my 7 month old puppy Zeus and he was attcked by someone dog and when i told the owner of the dog he told me my dog should leand to stand up for himslef..I told him he should be watching his dog and the next time his dog attack my dog i was going to hurt his dog...

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jennifer   fayetteville, NC

9/21/2009 7:59:14 AM

My 5 year old Lab mix needs socializing so I took her to the dog park. I always keep an eye on her and she never gets to far away. She was actually violated by another dog and I was unsure of what to do. She is fixed but I was totally unaware of what to do. I don't like the fact that people don't look after their dogs. I don't like taking her there because I feel like it stresses her if she is not used to being around a bunch of other dogs. I wish that there was a dog playground at the apt. complex i live in. that would be great.

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Alexandria   East Lansing, MI

8/22/2009 6:11:22 PM

I agree with Eric, dog parks are very beneficial but in order to be so, owners need to be constantly aware of their dogs, especially if they bring more than one. Dog parks should have a rule about bringing more than one dog; two is fine, but can you really control three or more dogs at once? The reason I am so avident about this is because earlier this Spring, my small dog was killed at a dog park. He was ganged up on by three dogs, all owned by the same woman, and so they were going by the pack mentality where not just one dog went after him (which could have been broken up), but all three went after him.

If you bring your dog to a dog park for socialization, just please remember to keep constant supervision. Dogs are dogs, they are more than likely to get in to a scuffle every now and then, but if you are being vigilant it is easy to break it up before it gets out of hand. I just hope that something can be learned from this tragedy.

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