Dog Adoption Expert Advice

Get expert advice about dog adoption.

The Health of a Shelter Dog

Most shelters want to make sure that animals are healthy and friendly before they are put up for adoption.

Coping With the Loss of a Dog

The decision to get another dog after losing one is very personal.

Rescue Dogs and Behavior

Many adopted dogs were relinquished for a variety of reasons that were no fault of the animal.

Dogs Are Happier With Friends

Is a dog really happier with a friend in the house? Find out if two is for you.

Considering Health Concerns with Shelter Dogs

Whether a dog or puppy is rescued or obtained through another means, there will always be a chance of health concerns.


Finding the Right Dog to Adopt

Meeting in person is the best way to choose a new dog.

Choosing the Right Shelter Dog for Your Family

Think about your lifestyle and time you can commit before choosing a dog.

Picking the Right Dog

Your local shelter can help you choose the right breed and pet.

Putting a Stop to Running

Teaching an adopted dog to stay put can save his life.

Rescued Dog Won’t Play

A new rescue dog who is hesitant to romp needs time to adjust.


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