Dog Adoption

Get all the information and plan accordingly before adopting a dog.

Senior Dog Home

Sidebar: The top four things you can do to make your new senior dog feel at home.

Buying or Rescuing a Puppy

Find out the best way to get a new puppy.

Petsmarts California Rescue Waggin Makes Inaugural Journey

To help save the lives of adoptable animals, Petsmart Charities launched a California Rescue Waggin yesterday.

10 Ways to Help Dogs for the Holidays

How to make a difference in your own dog's life or the lives of dogs in need this holiday season.

Shelter Owners Help Rescue Dogs Get Adopted

Training helps rescue dogs get adopted.


Give an Adoption Kit, Not a Dog

The hectic holiday season is not the best time to get a new pet.

10 Ways to Welcome Your Rescue Dog

How to smooth the way for your new canine family member.

Rescue Ends Euthanasia in Dogs

Find out how one rescue put an end to euthanasia.

Adopting a Shelter Puppy

State-of-the-art facilities and progressive policies help make it easier to adopt a dog or puppy.

Rescuing and Adopting Purebred Dogs

Breed rescue affects purebred dogs well beyond the show ring.


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