A Sneak Peek at New Products

By | Posted: November 7, 2010 2:53 p.m.

At DogChannel.com and DOG FANCY magazine we get a chance to preview new pet products before they reach stores. What’s fun and creative and caught my eye at a recent international pet trade show in Chicago? Here’s a sneak peek.

Fruitables Treats

Pumpkin & Blueberry Treats; Pumpkin & Banana Treats; Pumpkin & Cranberry Treats; Pumpkin & Apple Treats

At only 7.4 calories per treat, new dog snacks from Fruitables pack a lot of nutrition and flavor into each bite. My terriers sampled the Pumpkin & Blueberry Treats and the Pumpkin & Banana Treats, and both were big hits.

Old Mother Hubbard's Snacks

Old Mother Hubbard
5 Calorie

Finding calorie amounts in pet food can sometimes take serious sleuthing. But a new snack option from Old Mother Hubbard announces the calories in its name: 5 Calorie. My dogs snarfed down these soft and chewy treats. As a pet owner it is great to have wholesome, low calorie options.

Brad Pattison Hands-Free Leash


Brad Pattison
6Legs to Fitness™ leash and collar
$40-$50 leash; $20-$30 collar


Designed as a training tool, Brad Pattison’s new hand’s free leash design is useful if you run with your dog, or for shopping or sending a text (not that I am recommending this practice, mind you). The 6Legs to Fitness™ leash and collar attaches like a belt.


Scarlett Dream Coats

 Scarlett Dream Coats
Kagen coat (shown)

If you have a short haired, large breed such as a Great Dane or a Greyhound, you know they have little protection from cold and can be a tough fit. That’s what spurred Jane Given to design coats for her adopted Greyhound, creating Scarlett Dream Coats. A portion of sales is donated to Greyhound Adoption Services.

Kritter Condo Deluxe

Kritter Condo Deluxe
$178.88 (including shipping)

Do you take your dogs camping or to shows or events? I use an exercise pen to give my Munchkin and Gordon room to roam, and cover it with shade cloth. The Kritter Condo Deluxe takes that idea to a new level. This portable enclosure sets up fast, for dogs up to 35 pounds and includes a handy carrying case.

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Sonia   Studio City, CA

2/3/2011 9:34:02 PM

Thank you for sharing great new products. I wanted to tell you that as a dog rescuer, with 4 dogs, I was stressed out about walking my dogs at night. I had no free hand for a flashlight, so I created a new product for dog lovers - the LIGHTWALKER belt, which lights the ground as you walk. www.mylightwalker.com

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