Highlights of 2011 New Product Showcase

By | Posted:March 25, 2011 2:30 p.m.

Highlights of 2011 New Product ShowcaseAt springtime the pet industry, which supplies all the food, gear and goodies to the world of dogs, cats, fish, birds and other pets, gathers at the Global Pet Expo.

There are thousands of booths, from Mom & Pop shops to global enterprises, introducing more than 3,000 new products.

We will feature lots of this new gear in DOG FANCY magazine, but here is a peek at what was fun, interesting and different.

K9 Cakery Dog Cake

Cake For Your Party Animal

K9 Cakery introduced an all natural cake for dogs, including one that you can microwave in less than 2 minutes. You can choose the full All Natural Dog Bone Shaped Cake Kit ($17.99) for dogs, which is 10 inches by 7 inches. Or just get the microwave cake ($10), which is 7 inches by 3 inches. Both have all natural cake and yogurt frosting.


Freezy Pups Dog Treats

Chill Out Naturally

Along with the cake, how about some all natural frozen dog treats? The Freezy Pups Kit includes a bone-shaped ice cube tray and a sample packet of four organic gourmet flavors. Your dogs can choose from White Cheddar Cheese, Banana Honey, Sweet Potato 'n Maple, and Chicken Soup. Each packet makes 14 treats and refills are available.



Booda Dog SqueakBottles


Recycle With Dog Power

These days I limit how many plastic water bottles I use, but before I recycle them I let Gordon enjoy a few chomps. He loves crunching water bottles. Booda takes that idea to a new level with the SqueakBottles. Just screw the durable squeaker on top of your old water bottle, then slide it into the plush toy sleeve. Instant new toy! When the dog chomps it sends a loud squeak through the top. Best of all, when your dog has crunched that bottle until it stops squeaking you just insert a new one.

Choose from the Purple Whale, Shark, Penguin, Killer Whale and Gator.


RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho

 When It Rains You Know What

Ever head out on a dog walk and get caught in a shower? Me too. That's why the Packable Rain Poncho from RC Pets caught my eye. The rain poncho stores in a small packet that snaps onto the leash, ready whenever a downpour erupts. The poncho comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, with an adjustable velcro waist.



Flush Puppies Flushable Dog Bags

Putting Poo in its Place

Environmentalists will tell you that using biodegradable bags for poop is virtually pointless if they end up in a landfill. With Flush Puppies, made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) film, which dissolves in water, you can just flush the poo down the toilet. The bags biodegrade and the rest goes through a sewage treatment plant, specifically designed to remove harmful toxins and bacteria from fecal matter.

20 bags, $2.99


Dog Tek Eyenimal Camera

Turning Dogs into Puparazzi

Imagine you could see the world from your dog's point of view. Now you can. The Eyenimal is the first digital camera specifically designed to be worn by your dog. It weighs barely over an ounce, but the 8 gigabyte camera can capture 2 1/2 hours of video and audio, at a 640 x 480 resolution. Check out an example video at http://www.dogtek.com/blog/pressrelease/dogtek-introduces-digital-video-cam-for-pets/


Zuke's Z-Bones

An Unusual Natural Idea

Every year there are more great green, eco-friendly products. This year the folks at Zuke's introduced new grain-free Z-Bones, all-natural, antioxidant canine dental chews. But what really stood out for me was their novel, natural booth, which they made out of wooden shipping palettes borrowed right from the show loading dock. After the show the palettes are dismantled and returned. No booth to transport or store. Smart.

Mini Bones (dog 5 to 25-lbs): $1.25
Regular Bones (dog 25 to 60-lbs): $2.99
Large Bones (dog 60 to 90-lbs): $3.99
Giant Bones (dog over 90-lbs): $6.69


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Lisa   Bernville, PA

4/22/2011 5:44:38 AM

It would be nice to see new products that really improve the dogs quality of life. The PeeKeeper escape proof dog diaper is the only one on the market with a harness. It has allowed many pet owners to keep their dogs at home and out of shelters. Urination issues is one of the biggest reasons for pet owners to give up their dogs. Check it out www.peekeeper.com

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Ernie Slone   Mission Viejo, CA

3/31/2011 7:27:46 AM

Galadriel, the squeaker screws onto the water bottle and then that slips into the penguin plush cover, or whatever toy theme you choose, and it closes with velcro snaps. So it is just like a regular squeaky toy.

User Avatar

Stephanie   North Canton, OH

3/30/2011 6:53:33 PM

How fun!

User Avatar

Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/30/2011 5:43:18 PM

Those squeaky bottles sound great but I'm not sure how the penguin ties in.

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