Invasion of the Adorable Aussies

By | Posted: October 31, 2010 2:33 p.m.

Invasion of the Adorable AussiesOne minute the DOG FANCY photo studio is an oasis of calm, lighting gear is carefully positioned, cameras are delicately calibrated and focused. And then, in an instant, chaos: Five squirming, wiggling, garlic-breathed little balls of fluff come charging in.


Here at DOG FANCY magazine and we get to spend our days reading and writing about dogs, hearing inspiring and touching stories from our contributors and readers, choosing dog photos shot by some of the best pet photographers in the business, and generally devoting our workdays to something we all love: dogs.

Even so, there are those special days when we bring in dogs for photo shoots. Some days they may be purebred champions and other days we get to meet a van full of mixed-breed rescues. No matter the dogs, when photo shoots happen the excitement level goes sky high. 

But the days when puppies visit? Those are special. On this Friday morning in October, five Australian Shepherd puppies come bounding in for a photo shoot. Eight weeks old today, they are impossibly cute and so full of energy they seem to bounce more than walk.

The photo studio quickly fills with editors who are "officially’’ helping and then the assortment of dog lovers who can’t resist the lure of puppy love. Nothing draws a crowd faster than puppies. For 20 minutes, there is heavenly pandemonium. Everybody forgets the actual purpose of the visit and falls head over heels, cooing and baby talking, snuggling and petting. Professional journalists plop onto the floor, giggling and babbling as the Aussie pups dash in for a quick kiss, grab loose shoestrings and wiggle onto our laps.

It’s a puppy party!

Just look at that little stinker! Wow, what am amazing coat! Oh, those gorgeous blue eyes!

We are helpless in the face of an onslaught of cuteness.

Eventually, of course, we realize we really have to start taking some photos instead of spending the day just watching these antics. But I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the fun behind the scenes.

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

10/10/2013 4:18:25 AM

Great article, I like Aussies and I know allot of people who have this breed.

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Melissa   Farmington, NM

12/19/2010 6:11:21 PM

It was cool to get a feel for behind the scenes. It's hard to imagine those perfectly posed photos are wild pups running all over the studio!

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

11/8/2010 8:52:09 PM

Nice article! I love Aussies... those puppies couldn't be cuter!

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