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Leading dog expert Nikki Moustaki shares dog news, stories and experiences of dog care, rescue, ownership, training and more in her new weekly blog.

About the author: When she's not writing, you can find author Nikki Moustaki, one of the nation's leading pet experts, rocking out on her drums, teaching herself 80s heavy metal on her Gibson guitar, or rescuing dogs from the shelter and working on her favorite dog charity projects. More>>

Should I Change My Rescue Dog's Name?

Not in love with the name your rescue dog came with? Find out if changing your dog's name is the right choice.

Dog-Friendly Cruising Aboard the Queen Mary 2

Come along as three dog owners hit the high seas on pet-friendly cruises.

MUTTerings: The Cost of Cloning

Would you ever consider cloning your dog? Why the cost might be higher than the price tag.

Must-Have Guide to Gifting a Dog

Before you pick out a gift with a wagging tail -- read these 6 essential tips.

Is Your Dog's Breeder Responsible?

18 tips for selecting a dog breeder. A must-have guide for anyone who loves dogs.


Would You Put a Pet Under the Tree?

Holidays are when dreams come true . . . a magical few days when wishes can be made real -- at least tangible wishes, like the latest Playstation -- or a new puppy.

Mutterings: How Much is That Puppy in the Window?

ASPCA efforts aim to shine a light on the public’s understanding of "puppy mills.”

Hero Dog of the Year 2013

AHA honors Elle the therapy dog, a Pit Bull whose owner hopes will break dog breed stereotypes.

The Scariest Part of Halloween

Hoax about harming Pit Bulls should put all pet owners on guard about a holiday with a sordid history of animal abuse.

Mutterings: Pets on a Train

Pets are allowed on most airlines, in rental cars, but if you want to choo-choo with your Chow-Chow, you’re out of luck.


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