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Nikki Moustaki

MUTTerings With Nikki Moustaki

Leading dog expert Nikki Moustaki shares dog news, stories and experiences of dog care, rescue, ownership, training and more in her new weekly blog.

About the author: When she's not writing, you can find author Nikki Moustaki, one of the nation's leading pet experts, rocking out on her drums, teaching herself 80s heavy metal on her Gibson guitar, or rescuing dogs from the shelter and working on her favorite dog charity projects. More>>

MUTTerings: Long Distance Dog Diagnosis

You can do anything online these days, even get medical advice for your dog --but should you?

MUTTerings: 10 Weird Ways to Help Shelter Dogs

Check out these unusual ways to help shelter pets that you might not have thought of before.

MUTTerings: Summer Dog Stuff

As the dog days of summer set in, so does preparation for canine summer situations – heat, pests, play, and travel. Check out these 10 summer product picks.

Dog Weddings: And the Bride Wore Fur

Dog weddings and pets at people weddings is a growing trend. Blogger Nikki Moustaki gives an insiders scoop to the world of puppy nuptuals.

MUTTerings: July 4th Fireworks Safety

Dogs run away every day, but more dogs run away on the 4th of July than on any other day in the U.S.


MUTTerings: When You See Dog Abuse

Under the law, mistreating a dog because you are a nincompoop is not a crime, but we, the people who love and understand animals, know that it’s wrong. So what can you do?

MUTTerings: The Fun of Fostering

Years of temporarily housing rescue dogs have taught me the joys of helping save a life, and that getting acquainted and then giving up is just a part of giving a dog a second chance.

MUTTerings: Posh Puppy Hotel

Let’s face it: When you see something called a “dog hotel,” it’s probably a boarding and daycare facility shined up like a new penny to make it look less like a large concrete room where dogs romp around and more like a playground for toddlers. The phrase “dog hotel” is anthropomorphism gone wild.

MUTTerings: Tax Breaks For Dog Owners!

Many pet owners have been beating the “tax break” drum for years about taking deductions for their own pets. If we can take deductions for kids, why not for dogs and cats?

MUTTerings With Nikki Moustaki: What Do Dogs Know?

We know that dogs understand the notion of hierarchy. They understand the concept of danger and survival. But what do they think about us? What about love?


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