Stories, laughs, mishaps and more from the trails and tails of a professional dog walker.

Lisa Gates Tails from the Bark Side

Stories, laughs, mishaps and more from the trails and tails of a professional dog walker. 

"I’m here to tell you your dogs might not be quite as perfect as you think, but sweet and entertaining none the less. So get ready for the hilarious stories about what happens behind the scenes when you’re not around."

About the Author: Lisa Gates is a professional dog walker of 19 years in San Francisco. She is mother to 5 human boys, a Golden Retriever who has no manners what so ever, a Basset Hound named Tinkerbell, two cats who think they are dogs, and a retired horse who lives acts like a big old Labrador. 

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The Dogless Dog Walker

Dog walking is easy, when you're walking imaginary dogs.

Dog Walking and the Holidays

From holiday walks, to the perfect gift for your dog walker, I'm answering all your important questions.

Ask The Dog Walker: Dog Goes Crazy When He Sees Other Dogs on Walks

This week I'm answering questions dealing with how dogs behave when encountering other dogs on walks.

Ask The Dog Walker: Dog Lies Down on Walks

My dog throws himself to the ground and refuses to move on. What do I do?

Naked People And Dog Walking

Because clearly these two go hand in hand...


Jack Russell Terriers: Modern Day Napoleons

Friendly, outgoing, energetic, lively, independent, clever, small dog with a particularly big dog attitude are words used when describing Jack Russell Terriers.

When Should I Start My Puppy on Group Dog Walks?

Group dog walks can help your puppy be more adjusted, socialized and calm.

Eccentricities of Dog Walking Clients

Oddities aren't such a bad thing when they revolve around a love of dogs.

The Day Bentley Ate the Glove

My dog has an oral fixation with everything. Not to lick, bite or chew but to swallow, whatever it may be hook, line and sinker.

Poopgate: A Scandal Like No Other

Everyone should pick up after their dog, no question about it, but a few take it to a humorous level.


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