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Excerpt from Happy Dog: How Busy People Care for Their Dogs

No Barking Zone
Barking is a subjective characteristic but can have profound influences on your living situation. Ideally, most people want a dog who barks ferociously when someone undesirable approaches their home. At the same time, they want a dog who is silent the rest of the time. If a dog barks all day long while you are away at work, expect that you will not be popular in your immediate neighborhood.

Proper socialization is important in preventing your dog from stressing out and barking while you are not home, but there are some breed tendencies that you can consider, depending on your individual requirements. Remember, these are just generalizations. If you get a Basenji and she turns out to be a howler, don’t blame us! We’re just offering suggestions.

Tendency to Drool
Drooling is another subjective category, primarily based on the anatomic features of the dog’s lips and whether or not they tend to pool saliva. Some dogs just tend to slobber regardless of their lip conformation. If you’re a neat freak and don’t like the concept of salivary streams on most of your wardrobe, this is a factor that could definitely affect your relationship with your pooch. Don’t blame the dog! Chances are you selected him for those lips in the first place.

Most owners who learn to love drooling dogs favor bandanas, which can be used for quick mop-ups, and strategically placed cloths or diapers that can be used for greater fluid accumulations. Here are a few breeds that have gained notoriety for their propensity to drool. If this is a make-or-break quality for your proposed companion, take heed.

Odd Bedfellows
If you’re like many on-the-go dog owners, chances are you’ll be sharing your bed with your furry companion. On top of the usual debates about which side of the bed to give up and personal hygiene issues is whether you can handle it if your new bedmate snores. This is also a subjective assessment, but you can often identify a potential snorer by breed, based on the anatomic features of the throat, and to a certain extent on obesity.

Many brachycephalic breeds, those with pushed-in faces, have compressed breathing passages and are destined to snore. Other dogs may snore for no apparent reason, regardless of the breed-related conformation. Take this following list as a guide only, but here are our top 10 snoring serenaders for you to consider in your selection process.

Tendency to Dig
If you consider your yard and garden to be objects of beauty and sanctuaries for your senses, you probably won’t appreciate your new companion bulldozing your freshly placed sod or ripened cherry tomatoes in a search for hidden treasures. Some breeds just seem to have a propensity to dig, but any breed can damage your property by digging, either because of innate behavior or in an attempt to tunnel out to escape. Once again, there are no guarantees about breed selection and digging, but we’re going to venture forth with some recommendations anyway.

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